2010 Census: Gains and losses in congressional seats

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sticky notes on bulletin boardThe Census Bureau released key details of its 2010 count on Dec. 21. The result is more congressional seats for the South and the West, and fewer for the Northeast and the Midwest.

The bureau announced the U.S population had grown to 308,745,538 million people, an increase of about 9.7 percent over the 2000 Census.

States gaining one or more seats in Congress: Arizona, Florida (+2), Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas(+4), Utah and Washington.

The states losing one or more seats in Congress: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York (-2), Ohio (-2) and Pennsylvania.

The color code on this map shows legislative control following the 2010 election. The numbers reflect congressional seats gained and lost as a result of the 2010 Census.

Census map