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Teacher and Principal Policy Toolkit

This policy toolkit provides a wide variety of resources around the recruitment, preparation and retention of educators as well as information on teacher shortages and preparation program terminology.

Making Higher Education Accountable | OAS Episode 212

On this episode, we talk with two guests—New Jersey’s secretary of higher education and an NCSL expert who tracks higher education legislation—about the effort by states to enact legislation that holds higher education institutions accountable for the value of their programs.


Open Enrollment: State Policy Trends

Open enrollment is a form of school choice that gives families and students the option to attend a public school other than the one that serves the neighborhood in which they live. Open enrollment can permit students to attend a different public school within their assigned district, called intra-district open enrollment, or to attend a school outside of their district, known as inter-district open enrollment.

Student Loan Debt Toolkit

Approximately 44 million Americans owe an outstanding student loan balance and nationally borrowers owe more than $1.7 trillion.

Pre-K-12 Education Legislation Database

The Education database tracks state legislation on more than 50 Pre-K-12 education issues, including curriculum, educators, finance and student supports (2023 to present).

State Actions on Education Savings Accounts

Article talking about education savings accounts and what states, districts, and territories are looking at establishing them and the types of policy action that are being used, particularly in relation to school choice.

National AI Literacy Day Puts Focus on Education

With the arrival of ChatGPT and other tools in education, the national nonprofit InnovateEDU has designated tomorrow, April 19, National AI Literacy Day, inviting students, educators, parents and community members to explore how AI is shaping the world.

State Legislatures News