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2023 Legislator Compensation

Legislator compensation varies across legislatures. The lowest annual state legislator salary in 2023 was $100 and the highest annual state legislator salary in 2023 was $142,000. In 2023, the average annual base salary for a state legislator was $43,494. This represents a 6% increase in average annual legislator base salary since 2022.

Coping with Term Limits

The effects of term limits and legislatures’ efforts to respond are collected and summarized in this guide to provide term limited legislatures with a comprehensive set of suggestions for dealing with the effects of term limits.

Public Records Law and State Legislatures

All 50 states have enacted laws requiring certain government records to be open to the public to increase transparency and public awareness of government decision-making. This list includes links to state public record statues that cover Public Records Acts/Freedom of Information Act Citations, as well as the provisions relevant to legislative exemptions and confidentiality.
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