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Cyberattacks and the Energy System | OAS Episode 195

Two cybersecurity experts join the podcast to discuss ways to safeguard energy systems from attacks, and the role state legislatures play through their oversight of public utility commissions. Since the start of 2021, states introduced nearly 500 bills and passed 99 measures related to energy security. 


Artificial Intelligence 2023 Legislation

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and daily life, with the potential to spur innovation. Learn about efforts to develop standards and legislation to address concerns about misuse and unintended consequences.

Legislating AI Technology

Join Connecticut State Sen. James Maroney and Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione for an engaging conversation on the latest developments in AI legislative initiatives, along with insights on topics such as data privacy, ethics in AI, workforce implications, and the role of state governments in shaping AI policy.


States Search for Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Social Media

The risk of real-life harm is prompting states to find ways to mitigate the impact social media can have on kids, from California’s Age Appropriate Design Code Act—which seeks to help protect children’s data online—to Utah’s Social Media Regulation Act, which instituted parental controls and age verification.

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