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Reading Room

The Reading room is a feature of NCSL’s Capitol to Capitol and includes recent reports of interest to those working in state government.

DHS Grant Cut Coalition Letter

NCSL and 17 nationwide stakeholder organizations called on Congress to restore cuts to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA made in the FY24 spending agreement. The cuts made in the FY24 spending agreement for DHS will result in an inability to sustain response and recovery capabilities across the country and put critical infrastructure at risk.


NCSL Urges DOJ to Prioritize the Removal of Cannabis From Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act

NCSL urges Attorney General and Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator to remove cannabis from Schedule I classification under the Controlled Substances Act. In August, the Department of Health and Human Services recommended that the DEA move cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule III substance. The letter requests the DEA to quickly finish its review of the August HHS report and remove cannabis from Schedule I, per HHS’s recommendation.

NCSL Supports State SNAP Program Flexibility

NCSL urges House Committee on Agriculture chair G.T. Thompson (R-Pa.) and ranking member David Scott (D-Ga.) to provide states with additional flexibility to address backlogs in SNAP applications. The letter asks that the Farm Bill include language providing states with a permanent option to hire contractors to help meet demand and processing timelines.


Capitol to Capitol | April 29, 2024

In this issue of Capitol to Capitol CMS Releases Sweeping Medicaid Access Rule, Addressing PFAS: Tackling the ‘Forever Chemical’ Across the Nation, The FTC Bans Noncompete Clauses and more.

Property Taxation of Communications Providers, A Primer for State Legislatures

This white paper relies on previous publications by the NCSL Fiscal Affairs Program which examine, in general terms, the role of property taxes in state and local finance. It provides a high-level overview of key issues related to property taxation, while focusing specifically on property tax provisions related to the communications industry. For additional detail on property tax systems generally, the bibliography highlights a number of reports from NCSL and other sources. The original report