ncsl stimulus bill summary

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: What It Means for States

This is NCSL’s initial summary of provisions impacting states, based on bill text circulated mid-day March 25, as the Senate went into session. NCSL will provide additional updates to this document as needed.


ncsl podcast

COVID-19: Communicating in a Crisis

This podcast is one in a series NCSL is producing to focus on how states are taking action in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, we talk with two legislative veterans about communicating in a crisis.


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Making the Maps: The Redistricting Webinar Series

NCSL brings redistricting to you. Over the course of this 12-part webinar series, NCSL will deliver key concepts on redistricting that you can customize for your state and your role in the process. Register today!


2020 State Legislative Session Calendar

NCSL provides information on legislative sessions in each state, district and territory. Click through for an interactive map that allows you to click on any state to find information on regular session dates, and, if necessary, special session dates. The map is being updated to reflect adjournments due to coronavirus.

This map will be updated daily by 4 p.m. MT.


21 states have 1-5 disasters, 20 states have 6-10 disasters and 8 states have 11 or more disasters AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DC* DE FL GA HI IL* IN IA KS KY LA ME MA* MD MI* MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ* NM NY* NC ND OH* OK OR PA* RI SC SD TN TX UT VA WA WV WI* WY VT ID PR AS GU* MP VI*



 In Session

 In Special Session


 Adjourned, Suspended or Postponed Related to COVID-19

 Not Yet Convened


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Our American States

The “Our American States” podcast is where you hear compelling conversations that tell the story of America’s state legislatures, the people in them, the politics that compel them, and the important work of democracy.



Infrastructure Issue

Urgent infrastructure needs are straining public resources. This month, the magazine examines the policies, planning frameworks and new funding approaches states are using to improve infrastructure systems in four vital areas.



2020 Notable Documents Awards - Send Us Your Best Ones

Each year the LRL sponsors the competition for outstanding state and legislative documents. The deadline for submissions is April 30.