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NCSL Election Resources

The NCSL elections team provides a variety of resources on election issues, including but not limited to 50-state surveys on state laws, legislation databases, a monthly elections newsletter, enactment summaries and other publications.

Table 10: Ballot Collection Laws

This table is part of the Voting Outside the Polling Place report and details who can return an absentee or mail ballot and other restrictions by state.

Election Recounts

The laws governing recounts varies state by state, and a handful of states do not offer a recount process at all. Find out more.

Electronic Ballot Return

Several states, Washington, D.C., and the Virgin Islands allow certain voters—typically military or overseas voters, or voters with disabilities—to return voted absentee/mail ballots electronically, via fax (which can be sent over the phone or the internet), email or online portal.

Campaign Finance Legislation Database

This database contains topics related to campaign finance processes and reform, including campaign contribution limits, disclosure requirements, independent expenditure requirements and other campaign finance-related issues. It includes all introduced legislation from 2024 to the present and is updated bimonthly as legislation is identified by NCSL staff.

Table 9: Ballot Drop Box Laws

Covers the drop box definition, design features, number and location as required by each state that permits or requires ballot drop boxes.

Double Voting

A summary of state laws on voting in more than one state in one election, i.e. double voting. Double voting is often listed as a felony in states, and can come with hefty fines or jail time.

The Voting Is Over. What Happens Next?

When the voting is over, there’s much work to be done. A recent NCSL webinar covers post-election steps, from counting ballots to potential court cases.

State Legislatures News

2024 State Primary Election Dates

This page provides state primary and presidential election dates for 2024 when legislative, congressional, gubernatorial, statewide office and presidential primary contests will be on the ballots in 46 states.

State Laws Providing Protection for Election Officials and Staff

In recent years election officials, staff and poll workers have been subjected to threats, accusations of crime and leaked private information (doxing) at much higher rates than usual. As a result, some states have enacted legislation to specifically protect election officials, staff and poll workers in recent years.