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2020 State Primary Election Dates

State and presidential primary dates for 2020 are listed by state and date. State and presidential primaries are used by political parties to determine which candidates for legislative seats, office of president and other offices will go on the general election ballot on November 3, 2020.

NCSL State Elections 2022

Polls have closed for the 2022 general election, where voters in 46 states decided on 6,279 state legislative races, 36 governors and 133 statewide ballot measures.

Digital Political Ads

Information about digital political ads, legislative options for regulating them, and a table that includes all significant introduced and enacted legislation.

Early In-Person Voting

This page includes information on statutory requirements regarding in person early voting time periods compared across the 50 states.

Felon Voting Rights

It has been common practice in the United States to make felons ineligible to vote, in some cases permanently. Over the last few decades, the general trend has been toward reinstating the right to vote at some point, although this is a state-by-state policy choice.

States to Keep Focus on Election Costs, Accuracy and the Safety of Officials

As COVID-19 went from zero to 60 and life came to a near standstill in 2020, election officials were faced with a slew of policy changes—many temporary—coming from legislatures, governors and chief election officials. In a field where incremental change is the norm, these overnight decrees about how to manage voting at polling places and by mail were, to understate it, a challenge. A predictable response to that year’s many changes was a record number of election-related bill introductions in 2021 and ’22. 

State Legislatures News