NCSL Virtual Redistricting Seminar: Jan. 6-8, 2021


meeting agenda

Note: In accordance with federal, state and local public health guidance, the in-person redistricting seminar previously scheduled for January 2021 in Washington, D.C. has been replaced with a virtual seminar. A future in-person meeting may be scheduled in late spring, pending public health guidance.

If you are a legislator, legislative staffer, a commissioner, a commission staffer, an outside advocate or just an interested member of the public, this virtual seminar is for you.

In three days, NCSL will deliver knowledge and practical instruction that you can customize for your state and your role in the process. 

Expect answers to:  

  • What’s the legal landscape for redistricting?
  • What technology is available for redistricting?
  • What data are useful to use for redistricting?
  • How do states balance various principles and priorities when they redistrict?
  • How do you involve the public in the process?

Interested in sponsoring this meeting? Contact Ben Williams.

The cost to attend the seminar is $295 for legislators, legislative staff, redistricting commissioners and commission staff, and $395 for members of the public. You can register here

Tentative details on the agenda can be found below. All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST). 


Wednesday, Jan. 6

10:30 a.m.: Introductory Remarks

11 a.m.: Beginner Track: Redistricting 101

11 a.m.: Advanced Track: How the 2020 Cycle Will Be Different

Noon: The Census and Your Dataset

1 p.m.: All Things Criteria

2 p.m.: Race in Redistricting: The Voting Rights Act and the Constitution

3 p.m.: Optional: Ask Today's Experts

Evening: Movie Night 

Thursday, Jan. 7

10 a.m.: Optional: Virtual Yoga

10 a.m.: Optional: How to Effectively Negotiate

11 a.m.: Evaluating Maps with Tests and Samples

Noon: The Key Legal Doctrines

1 p.m.: Mapdrawing Simulation Session

2:30 p.m.: Optional: Democratic and Republican Breakouts

2:30 p.m.: Optional: Ask Today's Experts

Evening: Optional: Trivia Night

Friday, Jan. 8

10 a.m.: Optional: A Constitutional Conversation

11 a.m.: Privilege, Confidentiality and Transparency

Noon: Commissions: The Next Frontier

1 p.m.: Developing a Dialogue: Public Input and Legislative Outreach

2 p.m.: Courts, Policy and the Future of Redistricting

3 p.m.: Optional: Ask Today's Experts