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Veteran Homelessness: Overview of State and Federal Resources

Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 legislative sessions, state legislatures have introduced 79 bills that directly relate to the homelessness of veterans, such as home loans, rental protections and adapted housing.


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Military Spouse Employment Policies

The unemployment rate for military spouses is five times higher than the civilian population. Despite significant legislation in recent years, military spouses continue to grapple with regulations and processes that can make it difficult to find work, particularly in licensed professions. This primer outlines state and federal policies to ease the path to employment for spouses who relocate based on a military transfer.

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Military and Veteran Publications

NCSL tracks a variety of military and veterans issues including veterans employment and others. This new resource page includes a list with links to NCSL’s military-related publications.


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The Impact of State and Federal Policies on Military Installation Resilience

A recording-breaking number of natural disasters have gripped the country in recent years. This webinar described the challenges that military installations and the states in which they operate are facing due to changing environmental conditions. 


Military and Veterans Affairs

The NCSL Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs was created to examine issues affecting military-community relations and the health and well-being of veterans. Learn about the work of the task force and how you can get involved.


State Legislation

NCSL works to bring you updated information about bills introduced in the 50 states and the District of Columbia related to military and veterans issues. Search 2010-2021 legislation by state, topic, keyword, year, status and primary sponsor.