Disabilities Employment 101 | What State Legislators Need to Know

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Disabilities Employment 101: What State Legislators Need to Know

People with disabilities experience numerous barriers to employment stability and economic security. In every state in the country, people with disabilities have employment rates that do not match the rates of those without disabilities. And nationally, people with disabilities experience poverty at twice the rate of their nondisabled peers. These economic realities are highlighted in the recently released “Work Matters: A Framework for States on Workforce Development for People with Disabilities,” a policymaking resource developed jointly by NCSL and the Council of State Governments. 

The Disabilities Employment 101 webinar is designed for state legislators and legislative staff with relevant information and resources to support their policymaking efforts and interactions with constituents with disabilities. Webinar speakers explore state and national disabilities employment policy trends, share current employment and economic data and provide further details on the contents of the Work Matters report and the task force effort responsible for its development. Whether you are a new or returning legislator or legislative staff member, join NCSL for an exploration of some of the key resources and potential policy strategies for addressing the economic realities and employment barriers of the nearly 20 percent of Americans who have a disability.


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  • Robert “Bobby” Silverstein, principal, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
  • Kyle Ingram, policy specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Senator Kevin Bacon, Ohio