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2022 Legislative Energy Trends

State legislatures took significant action on energy priorities in 2022, including clean and renewable energy, electric vehicles and reliability.

Plugged In | February 2023

Attention to Building Energy Efficiency Grows; New Mexico and Texas Both Approve Major Energy Plans

NCSL Releases Report on Energy Security

A new report showcases how states can prepare for and facilitate a rapid response to energy emergencies and disruptions ranging from cyberattacks to extreme weather and everything in between. 

Nuclear Legislative Working Group

The mission of NCSL’s Nuclear Legislative Working Group (NLWG) is to provide legislative members with the opportunity to learn about the cleanup of federal nuclear weapons production and research facilities, the transportation and storage of radioactive wastes, and nuclear energy issues that affect our nation and states.

States Move to Protect Energy Infrastructure

The vulnerability of the U.S. energy system to cyberattacks has taken on new urgency due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, where recent attacks have targeted the country’s energy infrastructure. The vulnerability of these critical systems to physical and cyberattacks highlights the need for coordinated government action to protect them.

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