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State Immigration Laws

Enacted legislation related to immigration increased in 2019 by 3% to 181 laws, compared with 175 laws in 2018. Trends included the 2020 census, offices or task forces on immigration, occupational licensing, driver’s licenses, and sanctuary policies/immigration enforcement.


immigration sanctuary policies

Legal Aid for Unaccompanied Children in the U.S. Illegally

Children entering the United States alone are afforded certain protections under the U.S. immigration law, but legal counsel is not one of them. Federal, state and local governments, as well as nonprofit organizations, work to provide legal pro bono services to children who enter the U.S. illegally and are facing removal.

NCSL State Liaisons


Immigrants and Public Charge

The final public charge rule is in effect, pending continuing litigation. The rule dramatically expands the definition of “dependence” on government assistance for legal immigrants.. Nov. 6, 2020



U.S. Immigration Primer

This primer for state policymakers is intended to provide a clear and concise introduction to current U.S. immigration and refugee policy, trends in state immigration legislation, and key studies that assess the fiscal and economic impacts of immigration.


ncsl task force

Immigration and the States

The NCSL Executive Committee Task Force on Immigration and the States provides a forum for states to exchange ideas and practices while helping legislators understand the implications of federal immigration reform proposals on their states.


ncsl database

Immigration Database

This searchable datase contains enacted state laws and resolutions since 2008. Topics include budget, education, employment, health, human trafficking, IDs/driver's licenses, law enforcement and public benefits.