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Reducing the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Traumatic events that occur in childhood often lead to negative psychological, social and physical outcomes later in life. States seeking to prevent these outcomes are setting up task forces, strengthening behavioral health supports, and training workers who interact with children on ways to mitigate the effects of trauma.


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ECE State Budget Actions FY 2020

This report provides an overview of states’ budget and appropriations in early care and education. Appropriations for child care increased the most of the four survey categories (23.5%), followed by home visiting (7.8%) and prekindergarten initiatives (3.7%). Funding for other early care and education initiatives increased for some states but remained consistent from FY 2019 to FY 2020 overall for those 24 states.

Results Driven Governing


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Making Room for Dads in Public Policy

Engaged fathers play an important role in the healthy development of a child. Summer intern Walker Stevens explores the positive outcomes children with engaged fathers experience and takes a closer look at how bias can negatively impact this relationship.


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Early Learning Legislative Corner

NCSL’s Early Learning Legislative Corner highlights the work of current and former early learning fellows. In this edition, NCSL features the work of alumni from Nebraska and New York. Read about Senator Stinner’s and Assemblywoman Solages’ efforts to support the early care and education workforce in their states.


Health and Human Services

One of eight NCSL standing committees that educates Congress and federal agencies about state concerns and serves as a forum for state legislators and legislative staff, this committee covers state federal health and humans services programs, legislation, regulations and policies.


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Human Services Legislation

The human services area has the following databases available: Child Support and Family Law Legislation Database, Child Welfare 2017 Legislative Enactments Database and Early Care and Education Legislation Database.