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Resources for State Legislators and Staff

The spread of the coronavirus continues to be a top concern and, while the federal government leads the national response to COVID-19, state lawmakers are taking extra steps to respond to and anticipate impacts of the virus.

NCSL is committed to providing our members with timely responses to state research requests and the essential knowledge needed to guide state action. This page is updated daily to reflect new resources in policy areas ranging from education to health care costs and access. Check back often—resources will be updated as they become available. 



Continuity of Government

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Criminal Justice




primary elections


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Federal Action

ncsl stimulus bill summary

Federal Agencies

Agency Resources: Below, please find agency-by-agency information and guidance.




covid map of health legislation

Human Services


NCSL COVID-19 Podcasts


NCSL COVID-19 Webinars

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Resources to Share With Constituents


Latest Updates

Here's a look at NCSL's newest and recently updated coronavirus-related resources.