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In this time of forced stay at home orders and concern over the coronavirus and it’s spread, we have been given the gift of time. And we can use that time to entertain ourselves or do something a bit more profound: reflect on our values…what makes our lives significant?


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Legislative Ethics Staff Directory

Whether assigned to an ethics committee, a point of contact when ethics issues arise, or a resource on ethics for legislators, each of these legislative staff members serves a vital role in building confidence in representative government.

NCSL State Liaisons


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Ethics in the News

Check out what's going on in the world of ethics.


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Limiting Political Activity for Nonpartisan Staff

Legislatures have an interest in ensuring that nonpartisan staff refrain from political activities that may diminish their effectiveness, but staff also have the constitutional right to express themselves politically.


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Contact the Ethics Center

Contact our staff for information about state ethics and lobbying laws and for information on our ethics training services.


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Ethics and Lobbying Legislation

The Ethics and Lobbying Legislation Database keeps you current on relevant state legislation. Search for bills by state, year, status, sponsor, keyword, bill number or topic and narrow searches down to nearly 20 ethics subtopics.