Initiative & Referendum Database 2014

Wendy Underhill 8/7/2014

2014 - 2015 Initiative and Referendum Legislation Database

This database contains state legislation related to the initiative and referendum processes. Bills found here deal with timelines, signature requirements, filing fees, title, content requirements and other process-related issues. Recall provisions are included as well.

This database contains bills from 2014 only. To see bills from previous years, visit NCSL’s 1993 – 2013 Initiative and Referendum Legislation Database. To view a database of statewide ballot measures, visit NCSL’s State Ballot Measures Database.

For databases covering elections legislation, campaign finance, and term limits legislation, visit the NCSL Election Legislation Databases Home Page.

To select multiple items (e.g., state or topic) in the database lists, click in the check boxes next to your desired selections. To select all items click on the "All Topics" or "All States" box. To view bills of a certain type that do not fall under an existing category, try the keyword search (for example, search for the keyword “signature” to find bills related to signature requirements).

Contact NCSL's Elections Staff with questions about the database.

For faster performance, please use the fields below to filter your results. If you select nothing, the default search will pick up all topics and states in the most recent session year available. The full text of bills is available by clicking on the bill number. This feature is available for bills from 2015 and later.

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