2017 Election Administration Legislation Review


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Making Democracy Work: 2017 Election Administration Legislation Review

Join NCSL's Election and Redistricting Program Director Wendy Underhill and Policy Specialist Patrick Potyondy in this webinar as they review the 2017 enacted and introduced election administration legislation across the 50 state legislatures and Washington, D.C.

Topics will include cybersecurity, equipment funding and technology, voter registration lists, voter ID, absentee voting, mail voting, audits, felon voting rights, and more. We will also peek at what may be coming in 2018 based on the first round of introductions. 

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  • Wendy Underhill, program director, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Patrick Potyondy, policy specialist and Mellon-ACLS Public Fellow, National Conference of State Legislatures