2015 State Policies in Prekindergarten-3rd Grade Education

Matt Weyer 5/11/2017


Child in preschoolComprehensive tracking of proposed legislation for 2015 is presented for each of the following areas: early mathematics education, early literacy and third grade reading, dual and English language learners and family engagement.

Following each tracker is a summary of enacted legislation for each content area. This information is updated monthly for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

View a summary of selected 2015 legislation on the 2015 K-3 Education Legislation Review

Early Math

2015 Enacted Legislation
Category Major Provisions State Bills
Accountability Statewide plans to ensure mathematical skill development and stipulations for monitoring and accountability. GA H 502VT H 128 
Aligned Standards/Readiness Alignment to K-12 standards, ensures school readiness through evidence-based programming. AL H 233FL H 7069 | SC H 3701
Evidence-Based Curricula Utilizes a high-quality, research-based curriculum for students (includes math curricula). TX H 4 | UT S 263
Professional Development Provides professional development and leadership opportunities to develop math teacher leaders. TX H 1UT H 30 | VA H 5002a
STEM Education Provides online programming, development of STEM education centers and Pre-K through 12th grade STEM educational curricula. AL S 179ID H 302 | MI H 4115 | OK S 136 | OR S 80TN S 453UT S 18 | VA H 1400 | WA H 1105
Teacher Licensure and Recruitment Provides differentiated pay, stipends and scholarships to teachers in specific subject areas including mathematics to enhance the quality of instruction in early mathematics. AZ S 1469GA H 76 | IA H 658IN H 1001 | MA H 3650NY S 4612 | OR H 3380 


Early Literacy | 3rd Grade Reading

2015 Enacted Legislation
Category Major Provisions State Bills
Accountability Plans for ensuring students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade, literacy screening, assessment, retention, testing exemptions and intervention. AL H 233AZ S 1289CT H 6974 | FL S 702GA H 502OH H 64 | OK H 630 | OR S 215UT H 360 | VA H 1320VT H 128 | WA S 5803
Aligned Standards/Readiness Aligns pre-kindergarten literacy standards with kindergarten to ensure readiness.  FL H 7069 | HI H 820 | NC H 237 | OK S 285 | OK S 831 | SC H 3701
Funding and Grant Development Provides funding to access to early literacy development, development of research-based early literacy curriculum and implementation and general funding. CO S 145 | CT H 7061 | GA H 76 | MA H 3650MD H 71 | MI S 133MS H 1536 | NE L 617 | WV H 2016
Professional Development Training for teachers who provide reading instruction to students in kindergarten through grade three. Specifies effective instructional practices in reading and the use of empirically validated instructional methods. CT S 1101 | MI H 4115NV S 391 | NV S 474 | TX H 1TX S 925 | UT S 117
Supplemental Literacy Programming Programming for young readers to receive additional services in developing their early literacy skills. Examples include pediatric office visits becoming partners in early literacy development and establishing reading corps of volunteers. AR S 534 | FL H 153 | IA H 488 | OR H 3523 | WA S 6052
Task Forces and Research Includes the establishment of task forces, offices, advisory panels, pilot projects and use of research in determining best practices for developing early literacy. CT S 841MN S 1218 | NE L 525 | TX S 935UT S 263 


Dual and English Language Learners

2015 Enacted Legislation
Category Major Provisions State Bills
Accountability Creates accountability reporting and guidelines related to the instruction and assessment of ELL students. CT H 7018 | IA H 658KS S 7 | MN S 1218 
Certification and Professional Development Provides second language acquisition endorsements and professional development for ELL educators CT S 1098 | IL H 2657 | MA H 3650NV S 474 | OR H 5017 | TX H 218 | WA H 1105 | WA H 1570
ELL Family Assistance Provides services to families of ELL students to increase representation on governing boards and increase access to school reports and programming related to ELLs. CT H 7018 | MD S 622 | NV S 405
Funding and Grant Development Increases access to pre-kindergarten for ELLs, provides grants to districts with proven success in educating ELLs and providing funding as multipliers to increase services and supports for ELLs. AR S 174AZ S 1469 | CO S 108 | CT H 7061 | ID S 1186 | IL H 317 | MD H 70 | ND S 2031 | NE L 519 | NJ S 2016NY S 4612 | OR H 5017TN H 1374 | VA H 324 | WA S 5062 | DC B 283
Language Programming  Relates to research in the areas of curriculum and innovative practices in bilingual education. CT H 6835IN S 267 | MS S 2258 | TX H 1 
Standardized Testing Exemptions Allows for exemption requests from statewide assessments for ELL students who have had a specific duration of English language instruction. AZ S 1461 | CO H 1323 | FL S 702 | NJ S 2016
Task Forces and Research Requires the development of a task force or study group to research best practices for ELLs, make recommendations and implement findings. CT H 6974 | IL S S1319 | MD S 622OR H 3499 | WA H 1105
Valid Assessments and Accommodations Students who have been determined to have limited English proficiency may be allowed to take the standards-based assessment in their primary language. Provides accommodations for testing in English. CO S 56 | NM H 165


Family Engagement

2015 Enacted Legislation
Category Major Provisions State Bills
Accountability Policies designed to promote parent involvement, improve parent and teacher cooperation in the areas of homework, discipline, and attendance, and provide report cards on schools’ provision of family engagement. CT H 6834 | CT S 1058HI H 820ID S 1087 NV A 30 | NV S 515 | TX H 4UT H 163 | VA H 1320
Community Schools Relates to schools that provide comprehensive services to families and their children including heatlh screening and English classes for ELL parents. MN H 1a | MO S 58NY S 2006 | OH H 70
Family Literacy  Literacy programming for parents and their children, with the goal of improving academic literacy skills. CT S 1101NE L 519 | OK H 2157
Funding and Grant Development Provides grants to programs with parent training components and other family engagement resources. CO S 264 | IA H 658 | ME H 702MI H 4115 | MN S 1218ND S 2151 | NV S 474
Increasing Parent Access Provides parents and guardians with processes for inquiring about the curriculum and making all other inquiries transparent and accessible, includes Internet resources. NE L 525 | NV S 405 | OK S 285 | OR H 3380UT H 360 | UT H 403
Parenting Education Develops parenting education programming to enhance educational outcomes of young students and includes two-generational programming. AL S 179 | CT S 841 | OK S 285 | TX H 1TX H 2630 | UT H 360
Task Forces and Research Creates task forces and commissions to develop the skills of parents to become actively involved in their children’s education. Examples include representation on school councils and other legislative bodies. GA S 133KY H 234 | NV A 448 | NV S 25 | NV S 92


Matt Weyer is a senior policy specialist in the Education Program.