State Partisan Composition


You often hear the phrases “split control” or “divided government.” These terms relate to the party control of state legislatures or state government, which may change with each election.

Current and historic party control of state legislatures and government can be accessed below.

For consistency, the historic charts show the party control as of January in each year. (If you are looking for election results visit this page: 2019 Results for Legislative Partisan Composition | Post-Election)

Current Composition

As of March 31, 2020, the following information is correct:

Legislators: There are 7,383 total legislative seats throughout the states.

Chamber control: While there are 99 total chambers in states because Nebraska is unicameral, we do not include Nebraska’s legislature in this chart because members are elected on a nonpartisan basis. Therefore, this represents partisan control in 98 chambers.

Legislative Control: When the same party holds both chambers, that party has legislative control. When the chambers are held by different parties, it is divided. Nebraska is not included.

State Control: When the same party holds both legislative chambers and the governorship, that party has state control. When any of those three points of power is held by another party, state control is divided. This is based on the number of members of each party, and does not take into account coalitions that might change effective control. Nebraska is not included.

Current Composition
  Republicans Democrats Other

Legislators (7,383 total)

3,834 / 52% 3,442/ 47% 107 (Independent, Other or Vacant)
Chambers (98 total) 59 / 60% 39 / 40%  
Legislatures (49 total) 29 / 59% 19 / 38% 1 divided legislature
State Control (49 total) 21 / 43% 15 / 31% 13 divided states  


Partisan Composition: 1997-2020

To use NCSL’s new partisan composition tool, click on the image below. A pop-up window will appear which you can use to view and analyze data from 1997 until today. To see partisan composition data for any year from 1997-2020, use the “Year” dropdown on the top right side of the page.

To see partisan composition data from only one state, or a group of states, use the “State” dropdown on the top left side of the page.

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2018 Legislative Partisan Composition

(Partisan control in January 2018)

21 states have 1-5 disasters, 20 states have 6-10 disasters and 8 states have 11 or more disasters AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DC DE FL GA HI IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MA MD MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VA WA WV WI WY VT ID PR AS GU MP VI








Popular Democratic Party


Historic Partisan Composition

(Historic charts show the party control as of January in each year.)

2014 map 2013 map
2012 map 2011 map
2010 map 2009 map

Partisan Composition Timelines

Legislative Partisan Composition Table

2016 2015
2014 2013
2012 2011
2010 2009