NCSL Welcomes European Parliamentarians to Maryland


NCSL, in partnership with the European Parliament Liaison Office with US Congress (EPLO) coordinated a meeting between 13 Maryland legislators and young Members of Parliament from Romania, Latvia, Sweden, Spain and Belgium on May 24, 2017.

The purpose of the meeting was to foster cross-border learning and build relationships between American and European counterparts. A few representatives from EPLO and NCSL International Program Director Kathy Brennan Wiggins were also in attendance at this meeting for transatlantic relations.








The six members of the European parliaments toured the historic Maryland State House in Annapolis and met with Senate President Mike Miller, who provided them with an overview of the Maryland legislature. Afterwards, the emerging leaders engaged in a lively wide-ranging discussion, facilitated by Delegate Sally Jameson.

Topics included renewable energy, including off shore wind and solar energy, unemployment, job creation, trade, immigration and refugees, budgets and education, business and industry, and the role of education in international security. The participants of the discussion explored the similarities and differences in governmental systems, electoral processes and legislative practice. They also discussed how individual states engage with the European Union (EU) and the importance for the U.S. and EU to find solutions for issues in the future.

NCSL looks forward to strengthening the ties that connect the legislators across international borders.

Katherine Boyce is a Policy Specialist with NCSL's International Program.