Person holding a plastic bag

State Plastic and Paper Bag Legislation

State legislatures have considered a number of measures to reduce the prevalence of plastic bags at grocery stores and other businesses. While some states are focusing on implementing effective recycling programs, others are imposing bans or fees to discourage the use of plastic bags altogether. 


electronics waste disposal

State Recycling Resources

Recent global shifts have provided states, cities and counties with opportunities to explore innovations to their recycling programs to make them more effective, efficient and successful. NCSL has gathered a variety of resources that showcase state efforts to increase recycling rates, reduce landfill waste and create economic opportunities.

NCSL State Liaisons


pile of food waste

Fighting Food Waste

Lawmakers are working to find solutions as 40% of food in the United States goes to waste and 49.1 million Americans currently face food insecurity. Policy options at the state level include enhanced liability protection, awareness, tax incentives, food labeling and composting.


electronic waste

Electronic Waste

The use of electronics has grown substantially in recent years, changing how we communicate, access information and entertain ourselves. But the rapid increase has also created a growing stream of used devices in need of appropriate management.


Nuclear plant

Radioactive Waste and Storage

The transport and storage of radioactive waste impacts states and tribes. Leaders can engage in discussions about this topic, the cleanup of legacy federal nuclear sites and nuclear energy issues through organizations including the Nuclear Legislative Working Group.