2010 Spring Forum Environment Committee Presentations

Spring Forum LogoApril 8-10, 2010
Marriott Wardman
Washington, DC

 NCSL Environment Committee Officers & NCSL Staff

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Environmental Liability

As states consider the possibilities of CCS, issues of liability remain. States have long been faced with environmental liability related to issues like hazardous waste clean-up. This session will provide an overview on how states approach environmental liability generally and what the future holds.

Speaker: Scott Stewart, Patton Boggs LLP, Washington, D.C.   Download PDF

Aquifer Sustainability

This session will provide a discussion about the major aquifers in the United States. Members will hear from speakers about aquifers that cross state lines and current policies and laws regulating aquifer water withdrawals.

Speaker: Christine Reimer, National Groundwater Association, Ohio    Download PDF

Joint Session with NCSL Agriculature and Energy Committee

Climate Models – Modeling is commonly used in many fields—including engineering, biology and physics—to improve our understanding the world around us. Since models don’t predict the future, but provide information on possible outcomes, “All models are wrong, some are useful,” has become a common saying among modelers. This session will provide an overview of the various climate models, why climate models vary in their forecasts and why these models are useful for scientists and policymakers.

Speaker: Professor J. Scott Armstrong, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  Download PDF