NCSL/NARUC Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Meeting Presentations

Charleston Marriott Town Center
Charleston and New Haven, WV
June 16-17, 2011

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants, the federal government and private industries are investing in technologies to capture carbon dioxide and store it permanently underground. Although carbon capture and storage (CCS) from coal-fired power plants has been completed successfully, and many pilot projects are under way, this technology is not without challenges. The Carbon Capture and Storage institute will explore CCS technology, current and future CCS efforts, and state and federal policies that will be needed to ensure its success.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Senator Mike Green, West Virginia
Commissioner Jon McKinney, West Virginia

Developing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Technology

This session will explore how CCS technology effects energy security needs, employment, and economic development.

James F. Wood, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy  View PDF Presentation

Public Policies To Support Development and Deployment of CCS 

A number of state policy issues will need to be addressed to ensure the viability of CCS. Areas that need to be addressed include long-term liability, eminent domain and pore space ownership. This session will identify and explore critical state policy challenges and discusses the results of the West Virginia CCS Workgroup.

Facilitator—Senator Mike Green, West Virginia View PDF Presentation

David Flannery, West Virginia Task Force Member, Jackson Kelly, PPLC   View PDF Presentation and Report to the Legislature: Findings and Recommendations with Respect to the Development and Widespread Deployment of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration throughout West Virginia.

Financing and Reducing Costs of Development and Deployment Projects

This session will discuss how development and deployment projects can be financed and how costs can be reduced. It will also discuss federal legislative options, enhanced oil recovery and international cooperation.

Facilitator – Commissioner Jon McKinney, West Virginia

Kurt Waltzer, Clean Air Task Force  View PDF Presentation

Eugene Trisko, Attorney at Law  View PDF Presentation

Dr. Gerald R. Hill, Senior Technical Advisor, Southern States Energy Board   View PDF Presentation

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trip to AEP Mountaineer Plant, New Haven, WV 

Roundtable CCS Policy Discussion

Each state  briefly discussed their current policies, financial incentives that support CCS and policies that still need to be developed

Mountaineer Plant Overview

The technology of the Mountaineer plant and the geology of its surroundings will be discussed, along with suitability as a carbon capture and storage facility.

Charles Powell, Mountaineer Plant Manager

Mountaineer Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Overview of Alstom chilled ammonia capture process and CO2 injection.

Gary Spitznogle, Director, New Technology Development and Policy Support

Tour of Mountaineer Plant and CCS Demonstration Project