Justice Reinvestment | Ohio

Alison Lawrence 1/1/2017

Ohio FlagIn 2010, a bipartisan work group reviewed probation policies and crowded prisons, resulting in a 2011 law designed to expand and improve community supervision. The law requires probation and treatment for some first-time property and drug offenders, establishes statewide eligibility requirements for community corrections and prioritizes placement of offenders in certain programs, and creates statewide probation standards. Since enactment, the Legislature has appropriated funds for local “probation improvement and incentive” grants to improve outcomes of felony probationers.

Related Legislation

HB 86 (2011)

HB 153 (2011)

HB 59 (2013)

H 238 (2015)

Summaries of legislation can be found in NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Enactment Database.


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