Legislative Information Technology


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Remote Public Participation in Committee Proceedings

The COVID-19 pandemic posed many new challenges for state lawmakers this past year, not least among them: how to keep “the people's house” open to the public, as some state capitol buildings were closed and some legislative chambers met remotely. This page examines the approaches legislatures have used to integrate public participation in committee hearings. 


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Legislative Broadcasts and Webcasts

Live webcasts of legislative floor proceedings are available in all 50 state legislatures, the District of Columbia Council, and the Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands legislatures. Find links to session and committee livestreams and archives here. 



Legislative Information Technology


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Policies for IT Resources and Personal Devices

NCSL's A Guide for Writing a State Legislative Personnel Manual has useful guidance (under "Workplace Conduct" sections) for developing policies relating to the use of technology resources, personal devices and social media. 


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Modernizing Legislative Technologies

The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress held a hearing titled “Modernizing Legislative Information Technologies: Lessons from the States” in Washington D.C. Watch this recording of the hearing, featuring state legislative IT staff in California and Washington.



Legislative information technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and is providing citizens with enhanced access to the legislative process through the Internet and social media tools. Technology also can help legislatures to improve efficiency in internal operations.