Access and Mobility

Access and Mobility

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elderly busRead this new report, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: A Vital Lifeline for a Healthy Community.

Dispersion of specialized transportation services across many federal, state, local and private entities can lead to ineffective and inefficient services. Learn how states and regions are coordinating human service transportation as a strategy to combat these problems. 


2014 Fall Forum logoHere are some of the resources from the NCSL Forum in Washington, D.C., Dec. 9-12.






The 2013 NCSL report "A Mission to Serve: State Activities to Help Military Veterans Access Transportation" details state-level activities that facilitate access to transportation mobility for all military veterans, for all purposes. It includes a nationwide summary, case studies and state-by-state profiles based on in-depth, comprehensive survey data. Plus, check out our on-demand webinar, featuring the report's co-authors and other federal and state experts.





Check out up-to-date information about state legislative efforts to improve transportation access and mobility for people who have challenges getting around due to income, disability or age. Search the online NCSL Transportation Access and Mobility Legislation Database to find out about recent bills, or read Getting There: NCSL's Mobility Newsletter for the latest news on the subject.




Getting around is a cinch for most of us who own a personal vehicle or can easily access public transportation. But many Americans lack workable transportation options due to age, limited physical ability, constrained income or—for one reason or another—not having a valid driver’s license. In rural, sparsely populated areas, choices are even more limited. State legislatures play an important role in facilitating transportation access and mobility for all kinds of users. See our resources on state policies related to aging in place and use of private resources for senior transportation; mobility management; insurance for paratransit; volunteer drivers; school buses and special needs transportation; interagency coordination; and transportation innovations across the board.




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  • Getting There: NCSL's Mobility Newsletter

    NCSL’s quarterly “Getting There” newsletter broadly explores state and federal activities that help folks get where they want and need to go—especially people with disabilities, low incomes or other transportation challenges.

  • Transport Report

    The Transport Report is a periodic newsletter from NCSL’s Transportation Programs that focuses on state and federal transportation news, trends and analysis.

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