NCSL 50 State Searchable Bill Tracking Databases

NCSL 50-State Searchable Bill Databases


search keyFind the most comprehensive and complete 50-state information in NCSL's searchable bill tracking databases. Select a topic listed below to find complete bill information. The status of bills listed in most of these databases is updated every two weeks. Search by subtopics, year, status (e.g., pending, enacted, to governor, etc.) or enter keywords to identify bills.

9-1-1 The 9-1-1- database covers issues related to fees, service fees or surcharges; funding and appropriations; administration, plans, boards and commissions; privacy and confidentiality; enhanced 9-1-1 (e9-1-1); next generation/advanced 9-1-1; and wireless 9-1-1.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Serves as a source for agriculture and rural development legislation related to agricultural chemicals, agricultural products, agricultural trade, animal identification, biotechnology, food safety, invasive species, livestock and poultry, animal health, rural development, and veterinary care.

Autism (2008-2012)

This database tracks autism and other spectrum disorders (ASD) that cause developmental disabilities and social, behavioral and physical challenges. Individuals with ASDs often display unusual behaviors and interests, unusual ways of learning and paying attention, and impaired verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Ballot Measures

Tracks ballot measures created by legislative referendum, initiative, popular referendum, and through other means.

Campaign Finance (2014) Tracks campaign finance legislation in a variety of topics, such as contribution limits, disclosure requirements, pay to play, spending limits and much more. The database covers legislation from 2014 on.

Campaign Finance (1999-2013)

Tracks campaign finance legislation in a variety of topics, such as contribution limits, disclosure requirements, pay to play, spending limits and much more. The database covers legislation from 1999 to 2013.

Child Support and Family Law Contains passed, pending and failed legislation and executive orders related to custody and visitation, economic stability, enforcement, family violence collaboration, father engagement, guidelines, health care coverage, prevention, healthy family relationships, implementation, and other related issues.
Child Welfare (enacted legislation only)
Covers enacted child welfare legislation, including adoption, foster care, child protection, child welfare services and additional issues.

Collective Bargaining

Current legislation on labor unions and collective bargaining is available in a searchable database.

Early Care and Early Education

This searchable database tracks related early care and education legislation. Issues include child care and child care financing, early childhood services, prekindergarten, professional development, home visiting, infants and toddlers, and financing early education. This database is made possible by the generous support of the Alliance for Early Success.

Economic Development (2013-2014)

Current legislation on economic development is available in a searchable database.

Education (enacted legislation only)

The NCSL Education bill tracking database tracks state education legislation on more than 50  issues. The database includes enacted legislation.

Education (2001-2007) (enacted legislation only) The Education bill tracking database tracks state education legislation on more than 50 education issues, including charter schools, school choice, and religion and teacher issues. The database contains enacted legislation only.


This database contains state legislation related to the administration of elections. Topics include absentee voting, ballot access, and poll worker issues.

Election Reform (2001-2010)

This database contains state legislation related to the administration of elections that was introduced from 2001 - 2010.  Topics include voter registration, access to polling places, and candidate qualification.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Legislation Database is grouped into six topics: asthma; children's environmental health; indoor air quality (includes mold and radon); pesticides (includes mosquito control); toxics and chemicals (includes asbestos, lead and mercury); and environmental tracking, surveillance and biomonitoring. 

Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment database brings you up to date, real-time information on bills that have been introduced in state legislatures.  Topics include climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Ethics and Lobbying

See what legislative ethics and lobbying bills are making their way through the nation's state legislatures at NCSL's Center for Ethics in Government's Ethics and Lobbying Legislation Database. Bills dealing with the following topics are included: conflict of interest, contracting with government, dual employment, dual office holding, ethics commissions, ethics oversight, ethics training, financial disclosure, general ethics issues, gifts, honorarium, lobbying, nepotism, pay-to-play, representing others before government, revolving door, staff-related ethics issues, and violations and penalties.

Health Reform (2014) The database contains legislation filed in response to the Affordable Care Act. With the major features of the federal law in effect as of Jan. 1, 2014, this database includes the latest state measures being considered during 2014 sessions.

Health Reform (2011-2013)

The database is intended to capture state actions related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care Education and Reconciliation Act, together referred to as the Affordable Care Act or federal health reform. Topics relate to some of the major provisions in the Affordable Care Act and include Medicaid, Health Insurance Exchanges, Health Insurance Reform, Health Information Technology, Prevention and Wellness, and Providers and Workforce. A separate topic, Challenges and Alternatives, covers policies that differ from the federal provisions.

Immigration (enacted legislation only)

Federal immigration decisions have direct and indirect effects on state and local governments in the form of their budgets; the composition of their citizenry; the utilization and quality of their services; and the general social, political, and economic character of their communities. This database tracks enacted legislation only.

Initiative and Referendum (1993-2013)

This database tracks constitutional amendments, legislative alternatives to initiated measures, recall issues, and numerous other issues, across the 50 states.

Initiative and Referendum (2014) This database tracks constitutional amendments, legislative alternatives to initiated measures, recall issues, and numerous other issues, across the 50 states.

Juvenile Justice

NCSL has partnered with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to develop a juvenile justice legislation database. Search legislation from a variety of topics, ranging from truancy to mental health and substance abuse.

Military and Veteran Affairs

The Military and Veterans Affairs database includes legislation relating to base realignment and closure (BRAC), education, employment benefits and licensing, health, insurance and death benefits, mental health, mission sustainability, readiness, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits, taxation, and spousal employment issues.

Minimum Wage Minimum wage bills from the current legislative session are available in a searchable database. Track specific issues by selecting a topic, such as roposed increases to the state minimum wage, indexing of future increases to the cost-of-living, tipped wages, subminimum wages, state authority over local minimum wages, Constitutional amendments, or other issues.

Pensions and Retirement

This database on pensions and retirement legislation is made possible through the generous support of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Search on topics such as contribution rates, early retirement incentives, cost-of-living adjustments, elected officials retirement programs, deferred retirement option plans, retiree health benefits, defined benefit plan changes and divestiture.

Scope of Practice-Health Professions

The Scope of Practice Legislation Tracking Database tracks current legislation dealing with commissions and reports, licensure and credentialing, Medicaid/health insurance plan reimbursement, practice autonomy, prescriptive authority, truth in medical education, and truth in advertising for 22 health care professions.

Sentencing and Corrections (enacted legislation only)

NCSL has partnered with the Public Safety Performance Project of the Pew Center on the States to develop this sentencing and corrections database. Search on topics such as reentry oversight, diversion programs, and treatment-based programs.

Sex Offender Policies (enacted legislation only)

Sex offender policies have been high on state legislative agendas. Some enactments respond to the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) provisions of the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. Other state actions place residence and other restrictions on sex offenders.

State Tax Actions

The State Tax Actions database contains details on recent state tax changes and allows you to search and view the changes in various categories. The database includes all actions enacted from 2011 through 2014.


Every year numerous bills are considered by state legislatures that can affect tribal communities. These bills address a variety of issues including the environment, education, health care, taxes/revenue and education.

Term Limits (1999-2013)

This database tracks term limit legislation on topics such as: judicial term limits, congressional term limits, and efforts to reduce or increase those term limits, among other issues.

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Database covers legislation related to: aggressive driving, automated enforcement/photo monitoring, child passenger protection, distracted driving, driver’s licensing, impaired driving, motorcycle safety, pedestrian and bike safety, school bus safety, seatbelts and occupant protection, senior drivers issues, slow-medium speed vehicles, speed limits, and teen driver issues.

Transportation Access and Mobility Legislation Database

NCSL's Transportation Access and Mobility Legislation Database provides up-to-date information about legislation in the states and territories that aims to improve transportation access and mobility for people who have challenges accessing transportation options due to income, disability or age.

Transportation Operations, Management and ITS (2009-2012)

The Transportation Operations, Management and ITS Legislation Database contains executive orders and legislation. Topics relate to congestion management, traffic operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), demand management (including HOV and HOT lanes), work zones, and freight management and operations.

State Transportation Coordination (2000-2012)

The State Transportation Coordination Database provides information about pending legislation, executive orders and statutes related to the coordination of human service transportation programs. The database covers six topic areas including comprehensive coordination, coordination studies and special transportation funding.

Transportation Funding and Finance (2013 and later)

NCSL's Transportation Funding and Finance Legislation Database tracks legislation and executive orders in many topic areas including motor fuel taxes, sales taxes, bonding, fees, public-private partnerships, vehicle-miles traveled or VMT fees, tolls and other ways to fund or finance transportation infrastructure.

Transportation Funding (2007-2012) This archived database tracked legislation and executive orders related to transportation funding and finance that were introduced in the states and territories from 2007 to 2012.


State unemployment legislation from the current legislative session is available in a searchable database. You may search all unemployment-related bills or select specific topics, such as SUTA, employee misclassification, and taxes and solvency.

Youth  (2009-2010 only)

The Youth legislation database covers topics such as suicide, financial literacy, and youth violence.

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