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Access to Benefits 

Legislation to help veterans access a variety of state and federal benefits. 

Active-Duty Discounts and Benefits

Legislation providing a discount or benefit to active-duty service members. Includes hunting/fishing licenses, vehicle registration, Service Member Civil Relief Acts, etc.

Base Realignment and Closure

Legislation related to the federal process of military base realignment and closure.


Legislation providing education benefits for military service members, veterans and dependents. Includes tuition assistance and student services.

Elections and Overseas Voting

Legislation related to elections and overseas voting for active-duty service members.

Employment and Occupational Licensing

Legislation related to hiring, employment protections and occupational licensing for active-duty service members and veterans.

Energy Development

Legislation related to energy development around military bases and U.S. Department of Defense renewable energy goals.


Legislation related to health care and benefits for veterans.

Housing and Homelessness

Legislation related to housing for active-duty service members, veterans and their families. Includes home loans, adapted housing for disabled veterans, rental protections, homeless veterans, etc.

Insurance and Death Benefits

Legislation related to life insurance and death and survivor benefits of a spouse.

Mental Health and Reintegration Issues

Legislation related to military personnel’s return from active duty, counseling, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, veteran treatment courts, etc. 

Military Spouse and Family

Legislation related to employment of spouses of active-duty service members. Includes unemployment benefits, occupational licensing, etc.

Mission Sustainability

Legislation intended to sustain the presence of military bases in a state. May involve land use adjacent to a base, communication between state/local government and the military, etc. 

National Guard

Legislation related to National Guard and Reserve members. Includes facilities and benefits.

Tax Credits/Exemptions

Legislation providing a tax credit or exemption for military service members, veterans or military families. Includes income tax, property tax and other miscellaneous taxes.

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