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Childhood Obesity

State policies that focus on decreasing rates of childhood obesity. This includes policies that address how healthcare providers and communities prevent, diagnose and treat childhood obesity. Please note: While related to childhood obesity, childhood nutrition is a separate category for ease of classification.

Children's Nutrition

State policies that address the nutritional value of food provided to children in public schools and other settings, such as “lunch shaming,” policies or programs related to children’s food in schools such as shared table, school meal programs, WIC (Women, Infants and Children’s program) and others.

Children's Mental and Behavioral Health—Schools

State policies that address a student’s mental and behavioral health through increased access to prevention services, screenings and/or treatment in schools.

Children's Mental and Behavioral Health—Services

State policies that address children’s mental and behavioral health outside of a school setting. This includes prevention and screening services, insurance mandates or requirements, and inpatient and outpatient services and treatment.

Maternal Mental and Behavioral Health

State policies that address access to care or provide programmatic supports and services for women from the preconception period to the post-partum period.

Infant Mortality

State policies addressing infant mortality. These may include infant mortality review committees, labor and delivery procedural or payment policies, safe sleep requirements, data collection and community-based approaches.

Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

State policies addressing maternal mortality and/or morbidity. These may include maternal mortality review committees, access to doulas and midwives, initiatives to increase education and awareness, and community-based approaches.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal

State polices addressing newborn exposure to, and withdrawals from maternal substance use. 

Childhood Immunization Requirements

State policies related to public school vaccine requirements for children and other related policies.

Newborn Screening

State policies related to screening newborns for developmental, genetic, and metabolic disorders through a blood test, identifying potentially fatal diseases.

Children's Oral Health

State policies related to children’s oral health in school settings or community settings. This may include provider education and screening for diseases, policies and programs to improve children’s access to oral health services and modifying the scope of practice for dental hygienist and dental therapists. 


State policies that facilitate women’s ability to breastfeed or provide breastmilk. Includes state laws related to breast milk banks, breastfeeding in the workplace and supporting breastfeeding through various state programs and agencies.

Long-acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

State policies related to increasing access to post-partum LARC insertion, including insurance coverage.

Oral Health and Pregnancy

State policies related to access to oral health coverage, services or oral health education for pregnant women.

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