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Child Support and Family Law Legislation Database


Welcome to the Child Support and Family Law Legislation Database including filed bills pertaining to child support and family law! Search passed, pending and failed legislation and executive orders from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 legislation by state, year, topic, keyword, status, and/or primary sponsor. Topics relate to custody and visitation, economic stability, enforcement, family violence collaboration, father engagement, guidelines, health care coverage, prevention, healthy family relationships, implementation, and other related issues. Check out the topic descriptions below to assist in your search. Click "Expand for more" to view a full list of topic descriptions.

After checking out all of the pending and enacted legislation, head over to the new 2014 Child Support and Family Law Legislative Enactments page featuring summaries of the enacted legislation from the 2014 legislative session so far and a map showing where legislation is still pending.

Topic Descriptions

Custody and Visitation

Legislation in this category includes joint custody, visitation and supervised visitation arrangements; special coordination for grandparents and military parents; parenting time provisions; and military parent custody and visitation.

Economic Stability

Legislation in this category includes policies designed to help noncustodial parents find work to assist them in meeting their support obligations, provisions to allow modification of support orders and changes to TANF pass-through policies.


Legislation in this category includes parent location, paternity establishment, establishing child support orders and collecting child support. It includes specific enforcement methods such as liens, wage garnishment, revocation of licenses and compliance.

Family Violence Collaboration

Legislation in this category includes efforts to maintain family and child well-being and restrictions on the court process or parental rights in situations of domestic violence.

Father Engagement

Legislation in this category includes fatherhood programs and initiatives designed to improve father involvement in the lives of children.


Legislation in this category includes state methods to determine child support obligations and the length of such obligations.

Health Care Coverage

Legislation in this category includes medical support requirements for both parents, among other policies designed to ensure that children have health care coverage.

Child Support Prevention

Legislation in this category includes ways to prevent child support such as required parenting classes and teen pregnancy prevention.

Healthy Family Relationships

Legislation in this category includes ways to involve all members of the family such as grandparents and military parents, co-parenting education, counseling and mediation, and parenting plans.


Legislation in this category includes changes to the administration of the program, data-sharing requirements, new pilot programs and collaboration between departments.


Legislation in this category includes a variety of topics including tribal coordination, disability provisions, education provisions, use of electronic communication and federal reciprocity compliance.



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  • Bills may appear twice (for 2013 and 2014) in carryover states. In these states, please check the last date of action to ensure the status of the bill reflects the appropriate year.
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LAST UPDATE: March 27, 2015

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