Child Care and Early Education Legislation Databas

Child Care and Early Education Legislation Database

Next update scheduled for April 22,2014

The Early Care and Education database tracks and updates early care and education legislation from the 2008-2014 legislative sessions for 50 states and the territories. Issues include child care and child care financing, early childhood services, prekindergarten, professional development, home visiting, infants and toddlers, and financing early education. Legislation can be searched by state, topic, status, primary sponsor, bill number or keyword. This database, which is updated biweekly, is made possible by the generous support of the Alliance for Early Success.


The month of March represents the mid-way point for many state legislatures. By the end of April, fewer than 25 states will still be in regular session, with projected adjournments in South Dakota, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, Alaska and Iowa. The full 2014 legislative calendar for all states and the territories, including targeted adjournment dates, are available HERE.

For the most up-to-date status and description of early care and education legislation from the 2008 to 2014 legislative sessions for 50 states and the territories, scroll down to search the NCSL Early Care and Education Database, updated every 2 weeks starting on January 14, 2014. To read about the 2013 legislative session and 174 enacted laws on early care and education in 38 states and Puerto Rico, see the full 2013 State Legislative Action on Early Care and Education report.

Notes about the Database:

  • The 2014 database includes approximately 300 carryover bills from the 2013 session from 26 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To ensure the bill status reflects the appropriate year, please check the “Date of Last Action” field.
  • The following terms may be inserted in the “Keyword” search field to identify bills in early literacy development, brain science/research/development, social and emotional development, and kindergarten entry/readiness assessments.
    • “early literacy”
    • “brain develop”
    •  “social emotional develop”
    • “kindergarten read”

So far in 2014[i], lawmakers in 45 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have introduced more than 500 bills on various early care and education issues, including the following:

Selected Bills of Note (as introduced):

  • Louisiana SB 50 (Sen. Nevers): Implements the Cecil J. Picard LA 4 Early Childhood Program as the statewide, universal prekindergarten program. Removes income requirements for age-eligible children to attend LA 4, requires all school districts to implement the LA 4 program either directly or through collaboration with non-school entities, and requires the state to appropriate funds for LA 4 through a per-pupil state education formula.
  • Minnesota HF 2921 (Rep. Mullery): Establishes the Success for All grant program and appropriates state funds to revitalize communities and break the cycles of poverty through comprehensive cradle-to-career network of evidence-based support services. Requires grant funds to go toward promoting healthy infancy and early childhood, executive brain function, physical and mental health, and 21st century workforce skills. Requires the program to achieve measureable academic, heath, social and employment outcomes as evidenced by increased kindergarten readiness, core academic proficiency, and other life success indicators. Requires the State Commissioner of Education to report to the legislature.
  • Minnesota SF 2677 (Rep. Hayden): Appropriates state funds for a child care professional development apprenticeship pilot project to work in conjunction with existing professional development and training efforts of the early care and education workforce. Requires the pilot to implement a career ladder model for professional development and requires the State Commissioner of Human Services to report to the legislature in 2016 and provide recommendations for possible statewide implementation.
  • Missouri SB 795 (Sen. Lager): Repeals the state law that prohibits public, governmental entities to establish or operate a statewide child care quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) without approval by the legislature.
  • Tennessee SB 2503 (Sen. Campfield): Requires the State Department of Education to report annually to the legislature on the status of low-income three- and four-year-old students in early childhood education and pre-K programs who receive state nutrition assistance to examine how these children are making progress in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.
  • Utah HB 342 (Rep. Layton): Requires the State Board of Education to conduct a review of the state’s core curriculum standards for early childhood education  and core academic subjects such as math and language. Establishes a Standards Review Committee to assist the state in carrying out the review and providing recommendations.
  • Wisconsin SB 676 (Sen. Grothman): Excludes $20,000 from the gross income of a family with married parents for the purpose of calculating income eligibility for child care assistance. Allows the state to authorize up to 40 hours of child care assistance per week for each child.  Requires parents receiving child care subsidies to pay a minimum $2 per hour copay per child.
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[i] Include bills recently introduced by year-round state legislatures and states with biennial sessions. Bill summaries are current as of date of introduction and may not include provisions added, removed or amended during subsequent legislative stages.  For questions, comments, additions or corrections, please contact or 303-856-1582.

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