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The Early Care and Education database tracks and updates early care and education legislation from the 2008-2014 legislative sessions for 50 states and the territories. Issues include child care and child care financing, early childhood services, prekindergarten, professional development, home visiting, infants and toddlers, and financing early education. Legislation can be searched by state, topic, status, primary sponsor, bill number or keyword. This database, which is updated biweekly, is made possible by the generous support of the Alliance for Early Success.


State legislatures are closing out the 2014 session as of mid-July with the exception of North Carolina's legislature, which is scheduled to adjourn in late July and legislatures with year-round sessions. Governors' deadlines to approve legislatively passed bills are quickly approaching in Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. On the other hand, four states have already begun to draft bills for the 2015 session (Kentucky, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming). View the full 2014 legislative calendar for all states and the territories, including states that have year-round sessions and states in special sessions.

To date[i], lawmakers in 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have introduced more than 900 bills related to early care and education issues. Of those, more than 110 bills have been enacted or adopted by legislative bodies in 34 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Topics addressed in enacted bills include child care quality, subsidies and licensing (approximately 42 bills in 26 states); pre-K access, quality and funding (approximately 36 bills in 26 states), and early childhood governance and systems (approximately 24 bills in 14 states).

For the most up-to-date status and description of early care and education legislation from the 2008 to 2014 legislative sessions for 50 states and the territories, scroll down to search the NCSL Early Care and Education Database, updated every 2 weeks starting on January 14, 2014. In the upcoming months, watch for the release of the 2014 State Legislative Action on Early Care and Education, an annual report of enacted legislation in states on issues related to early care and education. View previous years' reports.

Notes about the Database:

  • The 2014 database includes approximately 300 carryover bills from the 2013 session from 26 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To ensure the bill status reflects the appropriate year, please check the “Date of Last Action” field.
  • The following terms may be inserted in the “Keyword” search field to identify bills in early literacy development, brain science/research/development, social and emotional development, and kindergarten entry/readiness assessments.
    • “early literacy”
    • “brain develop”
    •  “social emotional develop”
    • “kindergarten read”

Enacted Bills of Note[ii]:

  • California SB 858 (Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Committee): Makes statutory changes to the 2014 Budget Act. Declares a legislative intent to provide all low-income four-year-old children from working families with full-day, full-year early education and child care services. Sets the child care income eligibility at 70% of the state median income, increases the child care provider reimbursement rate by 5 percent, sets the regional market rate at the 85th percentile of the 2009 market rate survey, and requires the Legislature to annually adjust the rate to reflect current costs-of-living.  Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) to administer a block grant program to promote local quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) in order to increase the number of low-income children in high-quality preschool programs. Requires the SPI to prioritize state preschool expansion funds to providers and agencies that create full-day, full-year services for all-income eligible four-year-olds with working parents. Authorizes the Department of Education to develop a preschool expansion grant process that requires contracts to be renewed on a competitive basis every five years. Authorizes up to 10 percent of the maximum preschool contracts to go toward teacher professional development. Eliminates the part-day preschool tuition fee. Requires transitional kindergarten teachers to be credentialed and obtain at least 24 units of relevant early childhood education or childhood development coursework. Establishes the intent that the curriculum of the transitional kindergarten program be aligned with the California Preschool Learning Foundations.
  • Missouri SB 869 (Sen. Schmitt): Requires the State Department of Social Services to publicly post licensing and regulatory compliance status of child care providers who receive state or federal funds, including dates of inspections, history of violations, compliance actions and consumer education information. Requires the Department to establish a parent complaint hotline and minimum building and facilities requirements that child care providers must meet prior to receiving federal funds. Requires the Department to provide pre-service training, conduct unscheduled site visits and monitor serious injuries and death of children in child care centers that receive federal funds. Requires the state to establish a transparent system of quality indicators, including standards to assess the quality of child care providers, ensure licensing compliance, and whether curricula and staffing requirements are met. Clarifies that the new law does not authorize the operation, establishment, maintenance, or mandating or offering of incentives to participate in a quality rating system. Prohibits the state from enforcing the new law until October 1, 2015, or six months after the implementation of federal CCDF regulations mandating such provisions, whichever is later. Requires home-based child care providers who are legally organized as business entities to qualify for tax exemptions for the care of unrelated children.
  • New Hampshire HB 1146 (Rep. Gile): Establishes a legislative committee to study the feasibility of creating, structuring, managing, marketing, and funding a kindergarten to college/career (K2C/C) ready program and a universal college savings account to promote individual financial literacy among low and moderate income families. Defines membership, compensation and duties of the committee, including reviewing similar programs in San Francisco, California; Nevada, Ohio and Washington; engaging with banks, credit unions, and philanthropic organizations that may be involved in similar efforts; soliciting information and testimony from individuals, agencies, and entities that may be of assistance to the committee; and developing a proposal based on projected kindergarten enrollment in 2016 that addresses the anticipated investment per student, guidelines for account maintenance, application procedures, and administrative costs. Requires the committee to report to the Legislature and Governor by November 2014.

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Sources:  State Net, NCSL and state legislatures. 2014.

[i] Include bills by year-round state legislatures and states with biennial sessions.  

[ii] Bill summaries are current as of date of legislative passage and may not include provisions not approved by governors.  For questions, comments, additions or corrections, please contact Early Care and Education staff by emailing or calling 303-364-7700.



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