Federal Issues | Environment and Natural Resources

Federal Issues | Environment and Natural Resources


newsEPA Releases "Waters of the U.S." Draft Rule
On March 25, EPA and the U.S. Army Corps released their joint rule on defining "waters of the u.s." under the Clean Water Act's (CWA) jurisdiction. The rule attempts to clarify which of the nation's waterways are subject to CWA regulations. The rule will be open for public comment for 90 days and EPA will continue to engage with state stakeholders throughout the rulemaking process. See the NCSL Info Alert for more details. 






streamThe NCSL Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee, one of 8 NCSL Standing Committees, has jurisdiction over state and federal environment and natural resources legislation, regulations and policies. The Committee works to educate Congress and federal agencies on state concerns and serves as a forum for legislators and legislative staff to learn about and share information.




domeNCSL meetings provide members the opportunity to hear from the nation's experts on all the important issues of the day, and give you the opportunity to meet with legislators and staff from across the country, share your ideas, learn about theirs, and tailor policies that work for your state and your constituents. Click here to see copies of presentations from the NRI Committee sessions held during the 2013 Fall Forum.




newsletter The Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee assembles a monthly federal update of news stories from the federal administration and Congress on environmental issues. Click continue to see the March issue of Environment Federal Update Newsletter with stories on: $1.1 billion in excise taxes going to state wildelife agencies; bill introduced to pay back states for keeping national parks open; NCSL opposes TSCA reform preemption bill in the House; and more!




capitolNCSL works to educate Congress and the administration on state legislatures’ perspective regarding federal actions on environment and natural resources issues and to serve as a forum for educating state legislators and legislative staff on pending or proposed federal legislative and regulatory activity.  Subjects covered under this jurisdiction include the following areas: Alternative Energy; Brownfields; Clean Air; Environment; Environmental Health; Growth Management; Hazardous Wastes; Natural Disasters; Natural Resources; Nuclear Waste; Pesticides; Pollution Prevention; Radioactive Wastes; Superfund; Takings; Toxics; Waste Disposal; Water Policy; and Wetlands Protection. See Environment and Natural Resource related policies. 

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