Elections and Campaigns

Elections and Campaigns

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a sign saying ballot boxTo assist legislators as they take a closer look at voter registration, absentee and early voting, voter identification and other key election issues, NCSL conducts 50-state research on many election law and procedural issues, and maintains comprehensive databases of elections-related legislation. Subscribe to NCSL's newsletter, The Canvass, on election issues.


money For states that want to regulate campaign finance, there are three main avenues to pursue. Few states rely on just one; most utilize a combination of two or three. These three primary methods are disclosure, contribution limits and public financing. Also see Life After Citizens United.




a button saying "StateVote"NCSL reports on legislative elections and ballot measures each year. StateVote also houses archived information from previous election years.

2014 State Primary Dates - 2014 State Legislative Races

For the most current information on party control in state legislatures, visit the 2014 Partisan Composition page.








iimage of a notepad and pencilNCSL maintains data on the specifics of the process in all 24 states that permit citizen initiatives, a database of measures that have appeared on the ballot, and a database of I & R legislation.  A comprehensive overview of the recall process is also available.






NCSL tracks election and campaign issues in four major categories: campaign finance, election laws and procedures, election results and analysis, and initiative and referendum. We provide comprehensive 50-state research and analysis on a wide variety of topics related to these issues.

For redistricting, NCSL provides similar data that covers redistricting laws, commissions and litigation.

Additionally, NCSL's Redistricting and Elections Task Force works on issues that effect all states, including voting technology and redistricting systems and technology.

If you don't find the information you need, please contact our elections team at 303-364-7700 or NCSL staff can do specialized searches for legislators and legislative staff. 


a stylized map of the U.S.NCSL’s Redistricting and Elections Task Force focuses on redistricting, election administration, voting technology and campaign finance. It provides educational opportunities through meetings, webinars and field trips. Membership is open to legislators and legislative staff. The Task Force is meeting in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 3 and 4.  Please review the agenda, and plan to join us.




image of a databaseNCSL provides two databases of state-level election legislation. The 2011-current database, powered by StateNet, provides easy access to this year's election-related bills. The 2001-2010 database provides users with historical data.


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NCSL Summit 2014


  • Voter Identification Requirements

    Read this summary of state requirements for Voter ID at the polls. Included are: legislation, categorization, links to other voter-ID related sources and more.

  • States and Election Reform | The Canvass: March 2014

    The March 2014 edition of The Canvass features articles about voter ID, elections rules in light of U.S. Senator Rand Paul's possible run for president and simultaneous re-election campaign, interviews with a legislator and elections administrator and other elections-related news from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

  • The Canvass: February 2014

    The February 2014 edition of The Canvass features articles about the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, voting technology in the form of e-poll books, interviews with a legislator and elections administrator and other elections-related news from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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