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Preparing for Duty


State Policy Options in Sustaining Military Installations

military gearBy Alice Wheet and Jennifer Schultz

At least 1.2 million people are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces, more than 23 million are veterans and more than 250 military installations exist in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. U.S. military operations touch every state in some way, and state legislatures are playing an increasingly substantial role in military issues.

This report—produced by the National Conference of State Legislatures with support from the U.S. Department of Defense—provides state legislatures with an overview of state responsibilities and related policy options to strengthen the relationship between bases and surrounding communities. The strategies presented in the report are intended to help states secure the future of their military installations and ensure that communities continue to benefit from the jobs and business opportunities the military provides. The report is a synthesis of in-depth legislative research and interviews with state legislators, legislative staff and other key state officials. Topics covered include:

  • Military advisory bodies
  • Commander's councils
  • Land use planning
  • The role of adjutants general
  • Grant programs
  • Light pollution and noise
  • Land conservation
  • Notification policies

Full PDF version of Preparing for Duty (72-pages)

Mission sustainability continues to be an important issue in state legislatures. A total of 15 states enacted legislation to help secure the future of their military installations in 2014.

Update: 2014 Enacted Legislation


Bill Number




SB 80

Enacted: 2014 Ala. Acts, #13

Requires local governments to notify the military of proposed land use changes. Provides for references to military installations in local land use plans.


HB 223

Enacted: 2014 Alaska Sess. Laws, Chap. 57

Authorizes municipalities to exempt or partially exempt for up to 10 years property in a military facility zone that creates or supports industry, education or training opportunities.


HB 2135

Enacted: 2014 Ariz. Sess. Laws, Chap. 30

Continues the Arizona Military Affairs Commission until 2022.


Exec. Order 2

Ordered 01/28

Directs the Military Affairs Commission to develop strategies on issues impacting the state's military installations, including encroachment.


SB 157

Enacted: 2014 Colo. Sess. Laws, Chap. 181

Requests a report on the comprehensive value of U.S. military activities centered in Colorado.


HB 1351

Enacted: 2014 Colo. Sess. Laws, Chap. 180

Requires the state Office of Economic Development to work to maintain the state’s positive relationship with the military by advocating for the state’s involvement in current and potential missions, supporting businesses that bid for federal defense contracts, and assisting the legislature in BRAC preparations.


HB 791

Enacted: 2014 Ga. Laws, Act 511

Relates to the effect of redrawing census tracts in designated military zones.


SB 260

Enacted: 2014 Ind. Acts, P.L. 95

Authorizes units of local government to expend money and provide financial assistance in support of a military base.


HB 289

Enacted: 2014 Ky. Acts, Chap. 15

Adjusts membership in the state Commission on Military Affairs to include commanders or their designees as nonvoting, ex officio members.


HB 3736

Enacted: 2014 Mass. Acts, Chap. 48

Provides $12 M in 2014 with the option of $165 M in future years to improve, expand, and develop military installations in Massachusetts. Creates the Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force.

Missouri Exec. Order 1 Ordered 01/10 Creates the Missouri Military Partnership to protect and enhance military activities in the state. 
North Carolina SB 614 Enacted: 2014 N.C. Sess. Laws, Chap. 79 Directs the state construction office to make available to the public accurate maps of areas surrounding military installations. 


HB 292

Enacted: 2014 Ohio Laws, #125

Creates the Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee. Responsibilities include providing assistance on base realignment and closure.


HB 3193

Enacted: 2014 Okla. Sess. Laws, Chap. 58

Recreates the Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission.

Rhode Island HB 8172/SB 3088 Enacted: 2014 R.I. Pub. Laws, Chap. 536 Creates the national security infrastructure support fund and two grant programs - military facility protection program and defense economy community reinvestment program.


HB 313

Enacted: 2014 Utah Laws, Chap. 150

Creates the Veterans’ and Military Affairs Commission to study the impact of military facilities and recommend steps to maximize the benefits of facilities for veterans and the state.


Exec. Order 11

Ordered 04/01

Continues the Commission on Military Installations and Defense Activities.

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