Environmental Health Preconference


Environmental Health Preconference 

NCSL Legislative Summit: August 6, 2012


The Environmental Health Preconference was held during NCSL’s 2012 Legislative Summit in Chicago. It addressed a wide-range of environmental health issues from food safety, healthy homes and chemical policy, to air quality and federal environmental health requirements. State legislators and legislative staff heard from a variety of experts and discussed pressing problems in their states and communities.

Watch these brief  interviews with environmental experts to learn more about these issues.  

Environmental Health in States

Professor David Osterberg,  University of Iowa

Professor Osterberg spoke about how environmental public health relates to environmental factors that affect human health.

Green Chemistry

Professor Paul Anastas, Yale University

Anastas discussed Green Chemistry and efforts to design products to promote environmental public health.

Food Safety Modernization Act

Joseph Reardon, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Reardon spoke on the role of federal, state, and local governments in ensuring a safe food supply.

Healthy Homes and Housing

Peter Hendrick, American Association of Radiologists and Technologists, Inc.

Michael Compher, Environmental Protection Agency (Region 5)

Compher explored efforts to limit health hazards and improve the quality of residential housing. Hendrick discussed efforts to limit lung-cancer deaths from radon exposure in homes.

E-15 and Public Respiratory Health

Kristy Moore, Renewable Fuels Association

Moore explored the various public health benefits of moving E-15 into the gasoline market.

State Environmental Public Laboratories

Dr. Chuck Brokopp, Wisconsin State University

Brokopp discussed the role of state laboratories in protecting the public’s health from environmental threats.

Keynote Presentation: Children’s Environmental Health

Peter Grevatt, Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Jerome Paulson, American Academy of Pediatrics

The director of EPA’s Office of Children’s Health, Peter Grevatt, and Dr. Jerome Paulson of the American Academy of Pediatrics, discussed the potential threats to children from the environment and the responses states may take.



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Professor Paul Anastas

Professor Paul Anastas, Yale University


Dr. Chuck Brokopp

Dr. Chuck Brokopp, Wisconsin State University


Peter Grevatt

Peter Grevatt, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Peter Hendrick

Peter Hendrick, American Association of Radiologists and Technologists Inc.


Dr. Jerome Paulson

Dr. Jerome Paulson, American Academy of Pediatrics

Joseph Reardon

Joseph Reardon, U.S. Food and Drug Administration


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