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Alison Lawrence 1/7/2015

Justice Reinvestment is a process used by a growing number of states to curb corrections costs, reduce offender recidivism and maintain public safety. The data-driven reforms have been bipartisan, cross-governmental and impactful. Policies aim to reduce spending on corrections and reinvest the savings in strategies that increase public safety and hold offenders accountable.

Justice Reinvestment typically involves:

  • Developing and adopting policies that manage existing resources and generate savings without compromising public safety.
  • Reinvesting a portion of those savings in criminal justice and other community programs that further reduce recidivism and prevent crime.
  • Measuring the fiscal and criminal justice effects of these reforms and reinvestments to ensure that projected results and benefits are achieved.

States also have applied a justice reinvestment process to develop juvenile justice policies that protect public safety, hold youth accountable and contain costs.  

Use this map to learn more about states’ justice reinvestment and related juvenile justice reforms. Continue reading for additional information about these state initiatives and related assistance.

Justice Reinvestment and Related Juvenile Reforms, 2007 - 2014

Adopted Adult Reforms Adopted Adult and Related Juvenile Reforms


Work Underway in 2015

Adult: Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah, and Washington

Juvenile: South Dakota and West Virginia

NCSL Justice Reinvestment Resources

Reports and Articles

Meetings and Multi-Media

Additional Justice Reinvestment Resources

For more information, visit NCSL’s Sentencing and Corrections Page. Learn about Criminal Justice program partnerships with the Public Safety Performance Project of The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Bureau of Justice Assistance in the Office of Justice Programs.

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