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Airports and aviation

Legislation addressing funding for airports and vertiports.

Alternative fuels and electric vehicles

Legislation addressing special taxes and fees for alternative fuel vehicles.

Bonding and debt

Legislation addressing use of bonds to pay for transportation projects and maintenance.


Legislation addressing policies that allow design-build process for project delivery.

Local transportation funding

Legislation allowing local governments to raise fees or taxes for transportation purposes.


Legislation addressing other transportation funding topics.

Ports and waterways

Legislation addressing funding for water transportation systems.

Public transit and rail

Legislation addressing state funding and support for public transportation.

Public-private partnerships

Legislation allowing or revising the use of public-private partnerships for project delivery.

State DMV fees

Legislation addressing fees charged for various services and special registration fees.

State general sales taxes

Legislation addressing allocation of state sales tax for transportation purposes.

State infrastructure banks

Legislation addressing creation and use of infrastructure banks.

State taxes on aviation and jet fuels

Legislation addressing aviation fuel taxes.

State taxes on gasoline and diesel

Legislation addressing motor fuel taxes.

Studies and pilot projects

Legislation addressing pilot program or studies for alternative transportation revenue sources.


Legislation addressing authorization or imposition of tolls, rules regarding toll collections, penalties and reciprocity with other states.

Transportation appropriations

Legislation addressing state appropriation of funds for transportation purposes.

Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fees

Also known as road user charges (RUC), legislation addressing collecting a fee based on miles driven.

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