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First Appearance | January 2024

January 30, 2024

FAQ: Bail and Pretrial Policy

This new FAQ page answers some of the most common questions NCSL researchers receive on bail and pretrial policy—from “What is bail?” to “How many states have pretrial services agencies?”

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Pretrial Release Statutory Resources

Since 2014, NCSL has maintained 50-state resources on various aspects of pretrial policy. All of these resources are now available in one easy-to-use tool. Learn about financial conditions of release, state constitutional right to bail and pretrial detention laws, among other topics.

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Legislator Police Academy Sparks Bipartisanship

NCSL’s yearlong Legislator Police Academy brought together lawmakers from very different backgrounds to work across the aisle and across the country on policy topics related to police accountability. In this episode, we learn how the legislators put aside seemingly insurmountable differences and, with patience and constructive conversation, discovered plenty of common ground.

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Providing ID for Those Released From Incarceration 

Each year, more than 600,000 people are released from state and federal prisons, many times without the opportunity or means to obtain important identification documents. Learn more about how states are addressing this issue for people returning to their communities. 

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Recent Actions to Strengthen Rights of Juveniles During Interrogation

Many young people might not realize they have a right to remain silent and that they might not have to talk to anyone until a parent or attorney arrives. Learn how states are strengthening the rights of juveniles during interrogation. 

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NCSL’s Criminal and Civil Justice Legislation Databases

Use NCSL’s enacted legislation databases to look back at what states accomplished on various topics in 2023. Or, keep track of early-2024 legislation using one of our two databases that track all introduced legislation.

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