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Behavioral Health

Legislation addressing behavioral health needs during the pretrial stage, including screening, connections to treatment and community-based resources. 

Citations and Summons

Legislation addressing citations in lieu of arrest or summons in lieu of warrant.

Commercial Bond

Legislation affecting licensure and regulation of bail bondsman or bond companies, including interactions with the courts or defendants, recovery agents/bounty hunters and business practices and oversight. 

Conditions – Financial

Legislation addressing money in the pretrial process, including fees and money bond. This legislation can also be found in the Conditions of Release topic. 

Conditions – Mandatory

Legislation addressing mandatory conditions of pretrial release. This legislation can also be found in the Conditions of Release topic. 

Conditions of Release

Legislation addressing conditions of pretrial release, including all financial, supervisory and other authorized or mandatory conditions.


Legislation affecting the role and availability of counsel during the pretrial phase of criminal proceedings. 

Data Collection

Legislation addressing pretrial data collection and transparency measures. 

Delegated Release Authority

Legislation addressing pretrial release authority for non-judicial officials, including other release procedures prior to first appearance including utilization of bond schedules. 

Detention/Release Eligibility

Legislation addressing eligibility for pretrial detention or release, including temporary detention, or required "cooling off" periods. 


Legislation and appropriations addressing pretrial diversion programs that take place pre-adjudication and post-arrest with successful completion resulting in dismissal of charges. 

Failure to Appear

Legislation addressing pretrial court appearance, including statutory responses to failure to appear. 


Legislation addressing pretrial release not covered by other topics, including virtual court appearance, legislative task forces and legislatively requested studies. 

Pretrial Services

Legislation and appropriations addressing pretrial services, including risk assessments and provision of information to courts to inform release decisions, supportive services functions and supervision / monitoring. 

Pretrial Services - Risk Assessment

Legislation addressing pretrial risk assessment tools, including requirements for use or consideration and overall regulation of risk assessments. 

Pretrial Services - Supervision/Monitoring

Legislation addressing pretrial supervision and monitoring, including electronic monitoring.

Second Look

Legislation addressing changes to initial conditions of pretrial release, including appeals procedures and automatic review processes. 

Special Populations

Legislation applying to specifically defined groups, including violent crimes and domestic violence cases. Legislation specific to mental health or substance use can also be found in the Behavioral Health topic.

Statutory Guidance to Courts

Legislation addressing required considerations and procedures for courts and judicial officials when determining pretrial release and conditions of release, including statutory presumptions.


Legislation addressing timing of pretrial procedures and statutory timelines, including speedy trial requirements and remedies.


Legislation addressing the rights and role of victims in the pretrial process, including the right to notice of release or hearings and the right to be heard or consulted.


Legislation addressing conditions violations and forfeiture procedures for conditions violations.

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