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FY 2024 State Budget Status

This page tracks the status of FY 2024 state budgets as they are passed by state legislatures and signed by governors.

The Most-Hated Tax—and What States Are Doing About It

Two popular options for state property tax relief, homestead exemptions and circuit breakers, are covered here. However, years of appreciation are reflected in current property assessments, and the pressure on lawmakers to provide property tax relief remains intense.

State Legislatures News

2023 Mid-Year State Tax Actions Update

As 2023 legislative sessions wrap up across states it is clear that tax relief is still a priority for lawmakers. At least thirteen states have approved measures that reduce taxes and revenue by millions.

State Tax Actions Database

The State Tax Actions database contains details on recent state tax changes and allows you to search and view the changes in various categories (2015 to present).

State Income Tax Checkoff Box Programs

Learn about the proliferation of checkoff programs and the extensive variety of causes Americans can contribute to, as well as potential oversight concerns and measures taken to manage administrative costs. Get a breakdown of checkoff programs in every state.

CFI Committee Newsletter | April 2023

Some of the latest financial services, technology, broadband and telecommunications, and commerce policy issues we are following include: Registration Now Open for NCSL’s 2023 Legislative Summit; The Money Transmission Modernization Act in the States.

State of State Budgets

Join us as NCSL’s fiscal policy experts Erica MacKellar and Jackson Brainerd discuss these topics and more.