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States Adapt Tax Laws as Online Sales Surge

The U.S. Supreme Court decision that gave states the power to collect sales tax from online retailers has had a huge impact on state revenues and government services. Retail e-commerce sales are estimated to grow to $8 trillion in 2027.

State Legislatures News

FY 2025 State Budget Status

This page tracks the status of FY 2025 state budgets as they are passed by state legislatures and signed by governors.

State Tax Reliance: The Tax Your State Depends on the Most

Since 2021, state budgets have been flush with cash due to federal relief funds distributed during the pandemic. These funds helped offset COVID-19 shutdown losses. However, as federal aid diminishes, states must now depend on their own revenue sources to sustain their budgets.

Checking In on State Budgets | OAS Episode 207

It's budget season in state legislatures, and we sat down with two experts on state budgets to discuss the key steps in the budgeting process, revenue estimates and the overall state of state budgets going into the new fiscal year. 


State Tax Actions Database

The State Tax Actions database contains details on recent state tax changes and allows you to search and view the changes in various categories (2015 to present).

March Madness Brings on the Bets

From office pools to casinos to online betting apps, March Madness appeals to both sports enthusiasts and casual viewers as they come together and try to predict a winner of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament. Sports betting in casinos or racetracks is now legal in 38 states and Washington, D.C. And that number keeps growing.