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Mental Health Workforce Toolkit

Discover a wealth of insights and initiatives aimed at transforming mental health care across diverse communities and workplaces in America. Explore policy reports addressing discrimination and parity issues in mental health insurance benefits, as well as disparities in rural, racial, and ethnic populations. Gain valuable perspectives on the urgent need to address provider shortages in behavioral health services and innovative approaches to expanding workplace care and support. Delve into state

Senfronia Thompson and the Power of Persistence

Senfronia Thompson has served in the Texas House of Representatives for nearly 50 years, making her both the longest-serving woman and the longest-serving African American in a state legislature.

State Legislatures News

Routine Child Vaccination Rates Lower Than Pre-Pandemic Levels

Kindergarten vaccine coverage decreased during both the pandemic school years of 2020-21 and 2021-22 after holding steady for a decade. The vaccination rate did not return to pre-pandemic levels during the 2022-23 school year.

State Legislatures News

The ABCs of School-Based Oral Health Services

This webinar will cover the importance of oral health promotion from a young age and the differences that exist in oral care access, as well as the specific role that states can play.

Juvenile Justice Update | October 2023

In this issue: State in Focus: Illinois, Research and Response: Mobile Response for Youth in Crisis, On the Fiscal Front: Colorado Appropriates Millions to Reduce Juvenile Justice System Involvement and The Latest in Data: Drug and Alcohol Use Reported by Youth in Juvenile Facilities, 2008-2018