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Find answers to common questions about the NCSL Legislative Summit.

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NCSL Legislative Summit Frequently Asked Questions

Aug. 5-7, 2024, at the Kentucky International Convention Center, 221 S. 4th St., Louisville, Ky.  

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Sunday, Aug. 4. To attend, please plan to arrive Aug. 3. 

Any ancillary events held during the official hours of the Summit must be approved by NCSL in advance. Please fill out this form and send it to NCSL Events no later than Friday, May 31, 2024. NCSL will approve your request or follow up with further questions and will then put you in touch with official hotel contacts, who will reach out to you directly to make arrangements. Events held after Summit hours do not require permission, but NCSL asks to be notified to help delegates looking for your event. Please contact NCSL Events with details about your event.

NCSL does not actively solicit requests for session proposals for the Legislative Summit; the content is curated by the conference's policy experts. However, NCSL collaborates with numerous organizations to create content and speakers. If you are interested in collaborating with NCSL on a session for the Legislative Summit, please email NCSL Events with the details. If your organization/proposal aligns with a specific need, a member of NCSL's policy team will reach out to you directly.

Attendees requiring assistance with child care should contact their hotel concierge. There will not be a separate youth program with child care.

Kentucky International Convention Center manages two parking garages: Commonwealth Garage, 320 W. Jefferson St., and Cowger Garage, 315 W. Market St. Rates for both garages are as follows: 

  • Up to one hour: $2.  
  • One to two hours: $4.  
  • Two to three hours: $6.  
  • Three to eight hours: $8.  
  • Eight to 24 hours: $10. 

Business casual is the norm for the Legislative Summit. It's recommended to bring a light sweater or jacket with you during the day, as the rooms are air conditioned.  

State legislators, legislative staff, Foundation sponsors, government officials, business representatives, educators and others interested in public policy. 

If you need special accommodations to ensure your complete participation, please contact NCSL Events or call 303-856-1539.

Many of the sessions are designated to qualify for CLE credit in states that require it. NCSL did not apply for CLE accreditation in any state other than Kentucky. In June, a list of approved sessions will be added to the online agenda. Self-application materials will be available in each session room. 

The Legislative Summit will be available in the NCSL Events mobile app on July 29, 2024. 

No, all sessions are open to registered attendees.  

No sessions will be recorded. You may download provided speaker presentations via the mobile app and online agenda. Select sessions will be livestreamed. Check back soon for more information.

Please email NCSL Events for assistance. 

  • Contact NCSL

  • For more information on this topic, use this form to reach NCSL staff.