NCSL Website Overview / Guide

Design: Complete and Direct Access


NCSL's website gives the most direct and complete access possible to all the information we have on the site regarding a particular topic. The site's organization is simple and features these components:

Navigation bar. The top navigation bar is consistent throughout the site and provides access to all the other site features.

Homepage. The homepage presents the latest state policy news and highlights current priority information regarding NCSL issues research, meetings and e-learning, federal policy advocacy, and other NCSL services.

Topic Area Portals. The site has six main portals accessible from the navigation bar. These portals provide comprehensive access to all information on the site concerning their respective topic areas.

  • About Us
  • Legislators & Staff
  • Research
  • Meetings & Training
  • NCSL In D.C.
  • News

Documents. The wealth of information and analysis provided by NCSL is published as individual documents on the website. The design makes these documents accessible directly from their topic area's documents listing. There is no need to navigate down through layers within the site.

Special Services Pages. In addition to the main portals, the NCSL website contains key pages for special services, including:

  • State Legislatures News
  • Press Room
  • NCSL Blog
  • NCSL Podcast: "Our American States"

How to Login or Register for an NCSLnet Username and Password

  1. From the NCSL website, click on “Create Account” at the top-right of the page.
  2. This will take you to the “Account Lookup” page.
  3. In the email box, enter your legislative or business email and click “Search Now.” The system will search all email addresses we have on file. We recommend that legislators and legislative staff enter their legislative email. The email entered in this step will become your username.

We Found You

  1. If the system finds a record related to the email entered, a message will appear showing the related name and organization/company.
  2. If the information is correct, click the red “Activate Username” button and a link will be sent to the email submitted to set the account password. The email will arrive within five minutes from ncslnet-admin; the link will redirect to a form that will allow you to reset your password.

We Couldn’t Find You

  1. If the system could not find a record related to the email address entered, a message will appear; click the red “Create Account” button which leads to an Account Creation page. The email used to search will become the username for the account.
  2. Enter your legislature or company name in the field Organization/Company. If the organization/business is not found in our system, enter “Other” to complete the form.
  3. Once the form is complete, click “Create Account”; a link will be sent to the entered email used to search to set the password. The email should arrive within five minutes of the request and will be from ncslnet-admin.

NCSL Contacts

  • If you have questions or problems with your login, please send a message to or call  303-364-7700, ext. 1650.
  • If you have comments or questions regarding the NCSL website, please send a message to the NCSLnet administrator: