Smart Communities Public-Private Partnership | Spring 2018 Steering Committee Planning Meeting


Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Smart Communities Public-Private Partnership steering committee will hold its spring planning meeting on Thursday, May 10, in Denver at the JW Marriott Denver in Cherry Creek in conjunction with NCSL's 2018 Spring Executive Committee meeting.

The steering committee will discuss and examine the major public policy issues related to the energy, transportation and communications sectors that impact the ability of states to develop smart communities, with a focus on the energy, transportation and communication sectors. The meeting will also explore barriers to smart community development and policies that can overcome these barriers.

What are Smart Communities

There are many national and federal efforts to promote and support the development of smart communities. This session will explore the issues and concepts involved in smart cities efforts as well as the variety of different ways states are approaching smart communities.

  • Karen Jackson, president, Apogee Strategic Partners | Presentation

Smart Transportation

Many cities, regions and states are pursuing next generation transportation innovations to help increase mobility and transportation options, decrease congestion and improve safety. However, several challenges exist, including collection, management and deployment of data across jurisdictional lines to best achieve improved traffic management, as well as planning for the emergences of shared, electric and autonomous transportation. Speakers will touch-on existing pilot programs, data-sharing and management techniques and examples of communicating and coordinating with other jurisdictions and private partners.

  • Tyler Svitak, connected and autonomous technology manager, Colorado Department of Transportation | Presentation
  • Matthew McAllister, project manager, Smart City Initiative, City of Denver | Presentation

Transforming the Energy Landscape

A major transformation is underway within in the energy industry, with smart energy infrastructure—including smart lighting, smart meters and microgrids—altering the way energy is used and delivered. Presenters will discuss how states and communities are taking advantage of these changes through a variety of partnerships and initiatives.

  • Elizabeth Doris, laboratory program manager, State, Local, and Tribal Governments, National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Presentation
  • Sherry Hubbard, energy efficiency and consumer program coordinator, American Electric Power | Presentation

Enhancing Communications for Smart Communities

There are many ways in which communications technology enhances smart community efforts, enabling and enhancing the coordination of transportation, energy and other functions. Speakers will explore the complementary benefits of enhancing wi-fi and communications networks for smart communities’ efforts, technical aspects of doing so, and potential partnership and funding options.

  • Mark Walker, director technology policy, CableLabs | Presentation
  • Andrew Spurgeon, chief of operations, BroadbandUSA, National Telecommunications and Information Administration | Presentation

Business Meeting

  • Smart Communities Summit
  • Publications

Optional Bicycle Tour of Cherry Creek Trail

Members of the steering committee and private sector partners are invited to an optional bike tour of the Cherry Creek trail. This tour will give participants the opportunity to use bike sharing technology while enjoying one of Denver's many greenspaces. Bicycles and helmets are being provided by ofo. Participants will need to download the ofo app.