Table 6: States With Online Absentee Ballot Application Portals


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This table is part of NCSL’s Voting Outside the Polling Place report.

How voters may submit absentee/mail ballot applications varies by state. All states will permit a voter to submit an application by mail (usually via an official application form, which may be available online for download) or in person at a local election official’s office. Many states also allow applications by email (usually with a scanned application). In general, most states require the request to be in writing. 

At least 19 states, however, offer an electronic alternative: online portals through which a voter can request an absentee/mail ballot. Depending on the state, this option may not need authorizing legislation, and can be adopted administratively.

Table 6: States with Online Absentee Ballot Application Portals
State Details
Alaska To use the Online Absentee Ballot System, you must have a valid Alaska driver's license or state ID card and the information you enter when applying must match the information on your Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record. If you do not have a valid Alaska driver's license or state ID, or your information cannot be validated, you may select to apply using a paper absentee ballot application form.
Arizona Allows updates to registration, ballot requests, and sign up for the state's Permanent Early Voting List.


DE ST TI 15 § 5503

Offers both a downloadable form and an online portal for requesting ballots.


FL ST 101.62

Online requests for vote-by-mail ballots can be made through county supervisor of elections offices. The secretary of state’s website indicates that all counties permit voters to request absentee ballots online. It is unclear if all counties are required to offer this option, or if it is up to the county whether to offer online vote-by-mail requests. Florida code (cited in left column) says supervisors must accept requests for vote-by-mail “in person or in writing,” but is silent about online requests.


I.C §34-1002(7) and I.C. 28-50-102(8)

Offers both a downloadable form and an online portal for requesting ballots.
Indiana Allows updates to registration and absentee ballot requests.


KRS § 117.085

Voters must provide personally identifiable information for verification, and the portal will transmit the absentee/mail ballot request to the appropriate county clerk.


LA R.S. 18:1307(B)(1)(d)

Permits online requests for absentee ballots if the voter has a Louisiana-issued driver’s license or identification card, plus an eligible reason to request an absentee ballot.


ME ST T. 21-A § 753-A(6)

State law requires clerks to accept online requests for absentee ballots, and for the secretary of state to design and offer a uniform online request form. In practice, the secretary of state offers an online portal for all Maine voters; some county voter registration offices may also offer concurrent online request portals.


MD ELEC LAW § 9-305

Permits online requests for vote by mail if voter has an ID (driving or otherwise) issued by the state’s Vehicle Administration. Exceptions for UOCAVA voters.


M.G.L.A. 54 § 25B

Permits online requests for absentee/mail ballots through an internet portal on the secretary of the commonwealth's website.
Michigan To use the online application portal, voters need to be registered in Michigan and have a valid driver's license or state ID.


MN ST § 203B.04
Permits online requests for absentee ballots for some elections through the secretary of state’s office. Either a Minnesota driver’s license, ID card or last four digits of Social Security number required. For other elections, voters must fill out a paper application and return it to their county election office by mail, fax or email.

New Mexico

N.M. Stat. Ann. § 1-6-4

Permits online requests for absentee ballots. A Social Security number and either a New Mexico driver's license or ID card are required.

New York

NY § 8-408

Permits online requests for absentee ballots through the electronic absentee ballot application transmittal system.


OK ST 26 § 14-105

Permits online requests for absentee ballots. Both (i) an Oklahoma-issued driver’s license/ID card and (ii) the last four digits of voter’s Social Security number are required.


PA ST 25 P.S. § 3146.2(k)

Permits online requests for absentee ballots. Either a Pennsylvania-issued driver’s license or ID card is required.


VA ST § 24.2-701

Permits online requests for absentee ballots through the Department of Elections’ voter portal.
Wisconsin Allows absentee ballot requests and ballot tracking.