Election Bill Rubric: Five Deliberation Points


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This rubric is designed to help legislators craft and assess effective election legislation. Although every election bill is different, most affect voters, election administrators, costs, security and politics in some way. The five deliberation points outlined below give legislators and staff tangible starting points for analysis and discussion. A PDF version of the rubric is available here.


  • Would this bill have a disparate effect on particular groups of voters?
  • Would it affect turnout?
  • How might it affect voter confidence?

Election Administrators

  • How might election officials feel about this bill?
  • How might this bill change their timelines, workload or other responsibilities?

Costs and Funding

  • How much would implementation cost?
  • Who will pay for it?


  • How might this bill affect cybersecurity?
  • How might it affect physical security?


  • Does this bill benefit one party over another?
  • Is there an opportunity for bipartisanship?

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