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Plugged In | October 2023

October 9, 2023


Cyber Attacks and the Energy System | OAS Episode 195

Since the start of 2021, states introduced nearly 500 bills and passed 99 measures related to energy security as of August 2022. Two cybersecurity experts join NCSL’s Our American States podcast to discuss ways to safeguard energy systems from attacks, and the role state legislatures play through their oversight of public utility commissions.

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State Energy Security Legislative Resources

This toolkit provides state legislators and legislative staff with a broad range of resources to help inform and develop proactive, effective policies to bolster the resilience and security of America’s energy system.

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Automotive Dive

How the EV Transition Looms Over the UAW Strike

Electric vehicles factor into the United Auto Workers strike as concerns rise that an EV transition on companies’ terms could cause thousands of members to lose jobs.

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The New York Times

Unions Fight in the States to Make Biden’s Climate Agenda Work for Workers

Maine passed a law aiming to jump-start the state’s offshore wind industry while setting new labor standards, so the new clean energy jobs are more likely to go to union members.

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Utility Dive

Xcel Colorado Proposes $15B plan to Double Renewables, Add Gas and Energy Storage Capacity

Xcel Energy filed a proposal with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission for a plan to double its system’s renewable resources, improve transmission infrastructure and end coal-fired generation by 2030.

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Energy News Network

New Minnesota Law Aims to Lower Barrier for Participating in Public Utility Cases

A new Minnesota law expands the range of cases that allow small nonprofit organizations to receive compensation for testifying before the Public Utilities Commission.

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The Hill

Biden Administration Gives States More Authority to Block Pipelines Projects

A new EPA rule allows states and tribes to consider the potential of proposed projects to impact water quality, thus giving states more authority to approve or reject projects that run through their waters.

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E&E News

AS EPA Drowns in CCS Applications, Oil States Want to Take Control

In the past year, applications for underground carbon storage have increased exponentially. Due to the long list of applications many states are hoping to administer the permits themselves.

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Governors, Biden administration push to quadruple efficient heat pumps by 2030

The U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of 25 governors, announced a new commitment to install 20 million heat pumps across their states by the end of the decade.

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Grid Deployment Office

Transmission Siting and Economic Development Grants Program: Stakeholder Toolkit

The Transmission Siting and Economic Development (TSED) grants program is a new initiative designed to overcome state and local challenges to expanding transmission capacity while also supporting communities along major new and upgraded lines. Check out the Grid Deployment Office’s toolkit for TSED outreach.

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