National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

NLPES LogoNLPES Executive Committee  and Subcommittee Members and Officers

NLPES' officers are the chair, the vice-chair and the secretary. The immediate past chair remains an ex-officio member of the NLPES executive committee for one year. He or she provides general counsel to the executive committee, and helps to plan the Legislative Summit program but does not vote in committee decisions.

The NLPES Executive Committee directs NLPES efforts relating to the NCSL Legislative Summit, the NLPES Professional Development Seminar, and other NLPES programs and activities.  NLPES' executive committee is comprised of the past executive committee chair plus three officers and eight members all of whom are elected, on an alternating basis, to serve 3-year terms. About four executive committee seats are up for election each year. No more than one person from a legislative staff agency can serve on the NLPES Executive Committee at a given time.


The chair of the Executive Committee may create subcommittees and is responsible for appointing the members to serve on NLPES subcommittees. The chair may also initiate special survey or research projects. Currently, NLPES has four standing subcommittees.

2021-2022 Standing Subcommittees of the NLPES Executive Committee
Awards Subcommittee
This subcommittee administers the NLPES Awards Program, recommends revisions to award criteria/process, organizes the judges for various award categories and facilitates the awards presentation.

  • Mary Jo Koschay, Michigan (Chair)
  • Drew Dickinson, Virginia

Development and Advancement of the Profession Subcommittee
This subcommittee
oversees virtual trainings (e.g., webinars, Zoom calls), develops professional development resources for the NLPES website, identifies new issues that affect the practice and other ways to advance the field, and oversees communication with external audit/evaluation organizations.

  • Jennifer Sebren, Mississippi (Chair)
  • Jeanine Brown, Georgia
  • Paul Navarro, California
  • Will Soller, Montana

Internal Communications Subcommittee
This subcommittee oversees communications with the NLPES membership, oversees publication of the NLPES newsletter, oversees the audit report library, monitors the content of the NLPES website, and conducts the periodic “Who We Are” survey.

  • Emily Johnson, Texas (Chair)
  • Jason Juffras, D.C.
  • Eric Thomas, Washington
  • Darin Underwood, Utah

Elections Subcommittee
This subcommittee oversees the annual NLPES Executive Committee elections; the Immediate Past NLPES Chair serves as the subcommittee chair.

  • Kiernan McGorty, North Carolina (Chair)

Selected NLPES Executive Committee Policies