Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) | Roster



The LSCC is made up of the NCSL staff officers, the legislative staff members elected to the NCSL Executive Committee, the staff co-chairs and staff vice chairs of the NCSL Standing Committees, two officers of each of the  nine professional staff associations, and six discretionary appointees of the staff chair.

The purposes of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) are to oversee the legislative staff division of NCSL, to coordinate the work of the nine professional staff associations of NCSL, to promote professional development of legislative staff, and to review and evaluate NCSL services to legislative staff.   LSCC serves in an advisory capacity to the NCSL Executive Committee.

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NCSL Executive Committee Officers

Martha R. Wigton, NCSL Staff Chair, Georgia
Joseph James "J.J" Gentry, NCSL Staff Vice Chair, South Carolina
Jon Heining, NCSL Immediate Past President, Texas

NCSL Executive Committee At-Large Members

Joe Ayala, Principal Deputy Legislative Counsel, California
Tim Bommel, Photojournalist, Missouri
Jen Carlton, Deputy Chief of Staff, Indiana
Charlotte Carter-Yamauchi, Director, Hawaii
Matt Gehring, Staff Coordinator, Minnesota
Aurora Hauke, Chief of Staff, Alaska
Jennifer Jackson, Legislative Counsel, Texas
Scott Kaiser, Assistant Secretary - Senate, Illinois
Susan W. Kannarr, Chief Clerk, Kansas
Othni J. Lathram, Director, Alabama
Sabrina Lewellen, Deputy Director, Arkansas
Anthony "Steve" Pike, Chief of Police, Virginia
Connie Ridley, Director of Administration, Tennessee
Anne Sappenfield, Director, Wisconsin
John Snyder, Committee Staff Administrator, Kentucky
Linda Triplett, Performance Accountability Director, Mississippi

2019-2020 Discretionary Appointments

Miriam Fordham, Ph.D., Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Kentucky
Rachel Gudgel, Director, New Mexico
Maryann Horch, Senior Systems Analyst, Virgina
Wendy Jackson, Administrative Services Manager, Wisconsin
Wayne Kidd, Audit Supervisor, Utah
Jackie Little, Human Resource Director, Maine

2019-2020 Staff Officers of the Overall Standing Committee

Lonnie Edgar, Staff Co-Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Mississippi
Jennifer Jones, Staff Co-Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Texas
John Bjornson, Vice-Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Wisconsin
Monique Appeaning, Vice Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Louisiana
K.C. Norwalk, Vice Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Indiana
Esther van Mourik, Vice Chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Colorado

2019-2020 Professional Staff Association Officers

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) 

Paul Smith, President, ASLCS, New Hampshire
Brad Young, President-elect, ASLCS, Ohio

NCSL Liaison: Holly South


Leadership Staff Professional Assocation (LSPA)

Sheron Violini, Chair, LSS, California
Josh Nacey, First Vice-Chair, LSS, Kentucky

NCSL Liaison: Megan McClure


Legislative Information and Communications Staff (LINCS)

Besty Theroux, Chair, LINCS, Missouri
Will Tracy, Vice-Chair, LINCS, Georgia

NCSL Liaison: Jane Andrade 


Legisaltive Research Librarians (LRL)

Teresa Wilt, Chair, LRL, Nevada
Eric Glover, Vice-Chair, LRL, Idaho

NCSL Liaison: Megan McClure


National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO)

Eric Nauman, President, NALFO, Minnesota
Melody DeBussey, President-Elect, NALFO, Georgia

NCSL Liaison: Erica MacKellar


National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

Jon Courtney, Chair, NLPES, New Mexico
Kiernan McGorty, Vice-Chair, NLPES, North Carolina

NCSL Liaison: Brenda Erickson


National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT)

Jeff Ford, Chair, NALIT, Indiana
Soren Jacobsen, Vice-Chair, NALIT, Idaho

NCSL Liaison: Pam Greenberg


National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA)

Martin Brock, President, NLSSA, North Carolina
Tim Hay, Vice President, NLSSA, Florida

NCSL Liaison: Angela Andrews & Brenda Erickson


Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff (RELACS)

Jamie Shanks, Chair, RELACS, Tennessee
Fred Messerer, Vice-Chair, RELACS, California

NCSL Liaison: Kae Warnock