Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) | Roster



The LSCC is made up of the NCSL staff officers, the legislative staff members elected to the NCSL Executive Committee, the staff co-chairs and staff vice chairs of the NCSL Standing Committees, two officers of each of the nine professional staff associations, and up to six discretionary appointees of the staff chair.

The purposes of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) are to oversee the legislative staff division of NCSL, to coordinate the work of the nine professional staff associations of NCSL, to promote professional development of legislative staff, and to review and evaluate NCSL services to legislative staff.   LSCC serves in an advisory capacity to the NCSL Executive Committee.

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NCSL Executive Committee Officers

Anne Sappenfield, NCSL staff chair, Wisconsin Legislative Council
Sabrina Lewellen, NCSL staff vice chair, Arkansas Senate
Joseph James "J.J" Gentry, NCSL immediate past staff chair, South Carolina Senate

NCSL Executive Committee At-Large Members

Tim Bommel, photojournalist, Missouri House of Representatives
Martin Brock, chief of police, North Carolina  
Jon Courtney, deputy director for program evaluation, New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee
Lonnie Edgar, deputy director, Mississippi 
Sarah Elmore-Hernandez, chief of staff, Guam Legislature
Matt Gehring, staff coordinator, Minnesota House Research Department
Doug Himes, ethics counsel, Tennessee
Terri Kondeff, director, Idaho
Othni J. Lathram, director, Alabama
Natalie Mullis, director, Colorado Legislative Council
Rich Olsen, director, West Virginia
Jill Reinmuth, staff director, Washington House Office of Program Research
Paul Smith, clerk of the House, New Hampshire
John Snyder, committee staff administrator, Kentucky
Betsy Theroux, director of House Media Services, Georgia
Will Tracy, communication specialist, Arkansas

2021-2022 Discretionary Appointments

Soren Jacobsen, senior IT specialist, Idaho
Eric Nauman, principal fiscal analyst, Minnesota Senate
Lori Mathis, director, Maryland
Shunti Taylor, deputy director, Georgia
Emily Thompson, legal division director, North Dakota
One Vacanacy


2021-2022 Staff Officers of the Overall Standing Committee

Michelle Davis, staff co-chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Mississippi
K.C. Norwalk, staff co-chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Indiana
Miriam Fordham, vice chair, NCSL Standing Committees, North Dakota
Melissa Renick, vice chair, NCSL Standing Committees, Louisiana
Jeff Wice, vice chair, NCSL Standing Committees, New York
One Vacancy

2021-2022 Professional Staff Association Officers

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) 

Tim Sekerak, president, ASLCS, Oregon
Yolanda Dixon, president-elect, ASLCS, Louisiana

NCSL Liaison: Holly South


Leadership Staff Professional Association (LSPA)

Aurora Hauke, chair, LSPA, Alaska
Alicia Henry, first vice chair, LSPA, District of Columbia

NCSL Liaison: Megan McClure


Legislative Information and Communications Staff (LINCS)

Will Tracy, chair, LINCS, Arkansas
Aundrea Peterson, vice-chair, LINCS, Utah 

NCSL Interim Liaison: Angela Andrews


Legislative Research Librarians (LRL)

Jessica Lundgren, chair, LRL, Maine
Lindsay Pealer, vice-chair, LRL, California

NCSL Liaison: Megan McClure


National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO)

Amy Skei, president, NALFO, Washington
Krista Lee Carsner, president-elect, NALFO, Tennessee

NCSL Liaison: Erica MacKellar


National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT)

Nate Rohan, chair, NALIT, Wisconsin
David Burhop, vice-chair, NALIT, Virginia

NCSL Liaison: Kae Warnock


National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

Eric Thomas, chair, NLPES, Washington

NCSL Liaison: Brenda Erickson


National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA)

Richard Webb, president, NLSSA, South Carolina
Michelle O'Brien, vice-president, NLSSA, Idaho

NCSL Liaison: Angela Andrews & Brenda Erickson


Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff (RELACS)

Erica Warren, chair, RELACS, Kentucky
Rachel Weiss, vice chair, RELACS, Montana

NCSL Liaison: Kae Warnock