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Related Topic: Immigration

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Legislation appropriating funds for refugee services, migrant health, naturalization services, education and law enforcement, along with other immigration-related appropriations.


Legislation addressing immigration and residency requirements for access to higher education, in-state tuition, or financial assistance at educational institutions. Some laws address enhanced learning for refugees or English learners.


Legislation addressing eligibility for unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, work authorization and E-Verify, and employer retaliation.


Legislation addressing eligibility requirements for Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program, language access, and eligibility criteria for licenses within the health profession.

ID/Driver's Licenses and Other Licenses

Legislation addressing eligibility of state-issued identification cards and driver’s licenses, professional licenses, firearm permits, hunting and recreational permits, and documentation requirements for driver’s license applications.

Law Enforcement

Legislation addressing the enforcement of immigration laws and criminal penalties for immigration-related offenses.


Legislation addressing immigration-related issues that do not fit directly into other categories such as memberships on task forces and commissions, studies, supports for refugees and Offices of New Americans.

Public Benefits

Legislation addressing eligibility for social service programs for immigrants.


Legislation addressing voter registration requirements and valid documents to prove U.S. citizenship.


Resolutions typically commend citizens, immigrants and immigrant-serving organizations for their contributions, recognize the cultural heritage of immigrants in a state, and urge Congress or the president of the United States to take certain actions.

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